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Friday, July 20, 2012

.From the Beginning.

I wanted a place to easily access the story from the beginning with our Habi. This is mostly for me, but I also know that I have gained a few new readers who are interested. So here are the posts, that I could quickly locate, in order from the beginning.

My Answered Prayer

I Dreamed of Africa

Always On My Mind

God is Up to Something

The {other} Boy

Our Day with Habi

My Habtamu

I Want to Know

My Heart

Day 17 of 7

A Home for Habi

Days 19 & 20 of 7

Day 21 of 7

Day 22 of 7

Day 25 of 7

Days 29 & 30 of 7

So Much to Do

Abundantly More

Habi took up a lot of space on my blog the last year and a half, and even more space in my heart and mind. I am so, so thankful for his precious life and that I was chosen to be his mom!


BARBIE said...

Thank you Tiffany for linking to the posts. I was able to read the ones I've missed. God never ceases to amaze me.

BARBIE said...
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