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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

.Day 22 of 7.

I was going to skip blogging tonight. I am tired. I am sick of my 7 foods, and I had nothing to say.

And then I decided to add up the donations that have been gifted to us by you - my sweet readers and adoption friends and friends and family here.

Guess how much God brought in - using you?


Guess how much we needed to pay the first fee to the agency?


How great is our God? He is so in this process!!

 I really believe Habi is going to come home - most of the time. However, I would be lieing if I said that I didn't doubt at all. Our three children are in this with us. Jamesy, of course, does not understand. However, Cadi and Scotty really do understand. They are watching us live out this crazy faith - by moving rooms around and preparing for Habi to come here. We talk about him all of the time. We pray together for him at every meal and at family devotions at night. Today on Skype, Scotty says to Habi, You are my brother. Jesus is going to bring you home.

They get it.

And yet, a tiny piece of my heart begins to doubt and wonder if we are messing up our kids. But almost as soon as those doubt creep in, peace washes over me, and I think, no, we are teaching them what it means to live by faith and jump when God calls you to jump. And if it ends up looking differently than we hope, well they will learn how to process that, too.

And even if its painful, I am okay with that.

Because no matter what, God is so involved with this process, and the outcome - whatever it may be - will be His perfect will. In the meantime God is moving in huge ways, and we are learning every step of this journey. We are learning about faith, hope, love, and reckless abandon.


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