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Sunday, May 23, 2010


Happiness according to worldnetweb is a state of well-being characterized by emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.

Happiness is what I have felt the past few days. Yes, I know it is different than joy, and yes I know happiness is not a stable thing, but nonetheless there is a time and place for happiness. This state of happiness has kept me from blogging. I've been living and loving life.

Thursdays are reserved for spending time with our best friends. This is my best friend, Bethany. She deserves her own post. She will hate that I think that, but I think I may devote a post to her this week anyway. {grin}


Don't you love this photo below? Or is it just me? It is so dreamy, fairy tale-ish. I could stare at it for a long time. Little girls playing in their own made-up world. I still have a little girl living inside of me.


I've been photographing cows, and it makes me happy. I never thought I would type that, but because I love our best friends, I love what they love. And they just happen to love cows. I am going to (hopefully) help them get a website/blog up and running about their farm and am taking photographs for that.


This weekend I have been delighting in my family. We took a trip this weekend. Our church sent us to a church where their staff is mentoring our staff. Jim had meetings Saturday morning, and after that we played as a family. Can anyone guess where?


I am also experiencing extreme happiness over the fact that we are now officially paper pregnant!!! We are on the official paper-chase. Our family has been assigned a family coordinator, and we have been sent our dossier guidelines - all 15+ attachments! Whew. I cannot wait to jump in!

We are busy unpacking from our whirlwind weekend away, tagging and organizing yard sale items for our Adoption Benefit yard sale - happening this next weekend, and preparing to dive into our dossier. God is good.

Oh, one more thing that has added to my happiness - we have heard of two families now that are going to begin the adoption process because of hearing our story!! I had heard that there is a domino affect with adoption. Praise God that He can use us to lead others down this amazing path. If you are a family that has contacted us and let us know this, please know that we are earnestly praying for you.

I hope your weekend was filled with happiness. I have more fun to share with you tomorrow for Momentous Monday. I hope you can join.
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Heather said...

Best friends are so special!
That second picture is lovely and you should frame that!
I love the cow picture too. :)
It's wonderful that other families are now adopting too! Praise the Lord!

alicia said...

Ah, such a sweet post. So happy to hear of your happiness. It shows in your photos. They are beautiful. And congrats on being paper pg.

Rebekah said...

Congrats on your paper pregnancy! :) Love your pictures, too, especially the "dreamy" one. :)

Melissa said...

Looking at the pictures of the cows makes me happy! :)

I love the ones you've posted on facebook especially!!!

Theresa said...

Your happy makes me happy! I love the picture of the girls under the big tree. That is how it should be! :)

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