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Saturday, May 26, 2012

.Day 26 of 7.

I almost forgot to blog tonight. It has been such a fun, full day with my sweet, little family. I am so thankful for these littles that run around our home and for an amazing husband to spend my life with. {happy sigh}It was a sunny, happy day  - a great way to spend our first summer weekend. I am looking forward to sitting down this week and writing out a summer bucket list with my kiddos. I am praying fervently that our sweet teenage boy will be joining us this summer as well!

Tomorrow Jim officiates his first wedding. The wedding is for a sweet friend of ours, whom we worked with at the summer camp where Jim was the Program Director prior to becoming a pastor. I am really looking forward to getting away for the evening with just Jim, and I am looking forward to dressing up....and eating.

Jim and I have gone back and forth all month about how we would proceed with 7 during this wedding. We finally came to the conclusion that we are going to enjoy the meal at the wedding - even though it will certainly not be 7 sanctioned. Our meals have all been paid for by the bride, and we really want to be gracious guests, and not be rude or make anyone uncomfortable. So we have decided that we will eat. I am honestly a little nervous  about how my stomach will react to food outside of the 7 that we have been eating. 26 days is a long time.

On Monday we will start right back with 7. I think. We have wavered back and forth with having today be our last day, because my parents have invited us over for a big BBQ/picnic, but I am not sure if I really want to throw the towel in at 26 days and not complete the month. Our last day is Thursday. We have made is so far!

This is when I really, really need that counsel.

Coffee in the morning does sound divine, though.

What do you think?


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