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Monday, May 28, 2012

.Days 27 & 28 of 7.

Jim and I came to the ultimate decision to continue with 7 until the end of the month, like we had stated from the beginning. So, we ate our approved foods up until the wedding yesterday, and then enjoyed the food at the wedding last night. I was really surprised by how full I got so quickly. Must be I shrunk my stomach this month. It was a fun wedding. We got home late, and I did not really think about blogging.

I was wondering if having some refined sugar last night would kick in some cravings today, but that did not happen at all. I know this fast is not really about the food, but I feel as if God is teaching me how to have a more appropriate relationship with food. Today we had the picnic at my parent's, and Jim and I contentedly ate our grilled chicken and sweet potato. I have no regrets about eating at the wedding yesterday, or getting right back into the fast today. For us, it was the right decision.

In some ways I feel as if we have been eating these 7 foods forever. But at the same time I cannot believe that we are all done in just three days. I am hoping to get some quiet moments this week to really reflect on everything God has been working on in my heart.

Thinks for bearing with me in this. Next month we focus on possessions - giving away 7 of our items every day of the month. Because June is packed for us - alot of it due to our mission trip that we leave for at the end of June - we are doing it a little differently. We got a head start, and we have already given away the "required number" of the items for the month. I worked really hard last week emptying our closets and bedrooms. But I do hope to get to the downstairs in the next few weeks. I will not blog everyday during the possessions month. I think that could get really boring.

And speaking of boring, thanks for sticking with me this month!


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