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Friday, May 25, 2012

.Day 25 of 7.

Today I could write about this.


But that's boring, and the same as yesterday and the day before and 24 days ago. Still going. Still eating 7 foods. A little sad that we will not be enjoying bbq and picnic foods on Memorial Day, but we are almost done - 6 days left! There's nothing more to say on that.

So instead I will write on this.

Habi's birth certificate came in today!! This is a huge step in the visa process, and it took less then a week!


Isn't he so beautiful?

We were promised by the private school we are enrolling him into that they will have the I-20 and his acceptance letter to us by next Tuesday! This is great, because our close friend is traveling to Ethiopia next week and can take it all with him. This saves us both time and money. This next week, the agency will work on getting his passport and assigning him an interview date for his visa at the US embassy in Ethiopia. Please keep those prayers coming. The interview is what we need so much of your prayer going into.

I know God's got this. I really feel as if I am inside of a miracle about to happen.

And I cannot believe that I get to watch it unfold.


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