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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

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I need your help, sweet friends! I am attempting to be a bit more focused and disciplined in my writing - including my writing for this blog. In doing so, I want to streamline some things. I am thinking over bringing back Momentous Monday as a permanent link up for A Moment Cherished. If you are a newer reader, you may not be familiar with this, you can read about it by clicking the image below or simply scroll down my right hand side bar until you see "Looking for something I wrote?" and type in Momentous Monday to read some of the posts.


Would there still be an interest in this? It truly helped me to be more intentional in looking for the every day blessings in my life, and I heard from several of you that you felt the same way.

I am also considering bringing back Wedded Wednesday. There was a great response to that series this summer. Please feel free to continue to email me marriage topics or questions about marriage that you would like my husband and I to answer. We truly had a lot of fun with this, although we are by no means "experts", and I would love to see it come back.


Click the above banner to read some Wedded Wednesday posts.

I value your opinion, since you are the ones that take the time to read here. Is there any interest in these? Do you have any marriage topics or questions that you would want Jim and I to touch on?

I love hearing from you! Come out of hiding today, in order to share your opinion. {grin} Thank you so much for taking the time to let me know your thoughts.

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The Imperfect Sojourner said...

I like the idea of both, but I love the idea of momentous monday! :)

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