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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

.Our Roller Coaster.

I.T.P. is a roller coaster, I had been told. Now I am realizing just how tightly we are strapped to that roller coaster, without a distinct end in sight. I want to get off. I am not strong enough for this ride, but Christ in me is.

Today Cadi had blood work again. Her platelets are now at 25k. That is 5k higher than last week! We are rejoicing over every single platelet, even though her Hematologist considers anything short of a 10k change to be "no change". We are taking it as good news, and we will test again next week. The goal for a "normal" platelet level is between 150k and 450k.

I am researching a gluten intolerance and I.T.P., and I have found a ton of information on that. Several articles claim there is a link between the two, although few regular doctors will acknowledge it. We are currently discussing and praying over putting Cadi (and our whole family, as that is the only way I can see doing it) on a gluten free diet. I would much rather do that than have Cadi on massive doses of steroids.

Cadi has been having some tummy troubles and extreme fatigue. She also is experiencing leg pain. The hematologist was uncertain as to why she is still so, so tired. She told us that we need to be extra vigilant in keeping Cadi away from people and helping her to stay healthy right now. So we will try - this coming off of two days spent with my family celebrating Christmas. (We like to stretch this season out!)

Cadi with her cousin.

I am sorry for these medical posts. I am assuming if this becomes a permanent part of our life, than these posts will stop. But for now we are still hopeful that this is temporary, and we covet your prayer.

And for some comic relief, because I certainly need a bit these days - my Scotty and his cousin caught in the act of stealing candy from Grandma's candy dish!


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