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Thursday, May 19, 2011

.I Refuse To Forget.

As the spinning that has been my world for the past year begins to slow and a new rhythm rises in our home, I am refusing to forget.


There are memories that are burned into my mind and bruised into my heart, and sometimes I still do not know how to cope with them. God wanted me to know and to see, but what do I do with that knowing?


I have these photographs and these mental images that totally take the breath out of me. I am exhausted of living in an American church culture that mostly ignores Micah 6:8. The silence from our pews and from from our pulpits is deafening when contrasted with the truth.


Maybe we, the ones who have been called to be the hands and feet of Jesus - Christians, are gagged and silenced by fear. Maybe we do not think much about what the gospel demands when it comes to orphans, and to the poor, to injustice because it is scary if we allow oursleves to really know.


But hasn't our fear been crucified with Christ? It seems to me that as followers of Jesus Christ we should be filling this gap.


The very essence of the gospel is Jesus loving us enough to bleed and die for us. It was worth it to him to sacrifice Himself - He held nothing back - in order to completely erase our title of orphan and make us His family.

Is it worth it to me?

Then why do I keep holding on to the things - the temporal - the insignificant?

And why am I holding back?

Does the gospel really demand something from me besides comfortable, North American christianity?

I refuse to forget, and I pray that one day the knowing will penetrate the depths of my heart and turn into doing.

"Our love of comfort & pursuit of American dream is what kills. It's not starvation & lack of clean water."-Kimberly Smith #summit7

Surely he took up our pain and bore our suffering (Isaiah 53:4a).

What is my response to His example?
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