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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

.But What Can I Do?.

It is true that not everyone feels the call to adoption, but understanding our biblical responsibility to care for orphans (over 147 million of them) can make one frustrated and overwhelmed.

Don't let the need paralyze you into doing nothing.

Don't let the numbers be just a statistic. Those numbers correspond with a face...a child. One of them stands for my child.

But what can I do? One might ask.

While adoption is a beautiful and biblical way to care for the orphan. It is not the only way. Yes, I think our churches should be filled with families who have adopted, are in the midst of adopting, and are beginning the blessing of adoption, and yes, I think that every family who is serious about their relationship with Christ should earnestly pray about adoption for their family. However, I do know that this is not God's plan for every believer. But it is God's plan for every believer to be involved in orphan care. So this week, during National Adoption Month, I want to share some other ways that believers can get involved in orphan care other than adoption.

Today I would like to highlight an incredible ministry called Moju Project. The premise behind Moju Project is that you can change the world by the way you shop! They sell really great looking t-shirts and other adorable accessories (check out the Cambodian ruffle scarf! {love}). Money from everything they sell goes toward a social injustice - including feeding orphans! Check out their about section at the top of the site, and read all about how buying a product from their store can help feed an orphan. Not only does monies go toward social injustices, but by wearing a t-shirt we can spread awareness of the needs around us and hopefully intrigue people to search out their biblical responsibility when it comes to those needs.

Jim and I have been thinking through Christmas gifts this year, and we would like to have everything we buy support orphans, widows, or other social injustices. I am not sure if we can accomplish this, but I would like to try! Want to join us and shop with a purpose this year? Why not start with Moju Project? Click the button below.

Or try one of these other trusted sites.

Wiphan Care ministries

The Mercy House Shop

One Stop Adoption Shop

Just Love Coffee

If you have some trusted links that you would like to share please do in the comment section!

What a fun and easy way to obey James 1:27!

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Theresa said...

LOVE this, Tiffany! Brilliant!

Kylee said...

I love this! I've never heard of this site, but I will definitely look into it!

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