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Saturday, July 10, 2010

.This Moment.

God has placed a burning passion in my heart for orphans, but I have not forgotten my other burning passion....


to be a godly mommy to the ones that are here now in my home.

I adore staying at home day in and day out while molding these little lives.


Oh sure, I am exhausted most everyday. It is a full-time, hands-on, heart-engaged job - actually ministry.

Yes, there are moments when it is hard. Really hard.


But even the hard moments are worth it.

And I am not in this alone. My steps are daily guided by my heavenly father, and Jim is beside me in this parenting journey. We are a team.


My heart skips a beat to realize in a little over a year (probably) another baby will be in these photos.


Although she is anything but a baby now. She is growing up so fast. Last night her daddy talked to her about her future Prince Charming and my throat was thick with a lump. She is so beautiful - inside and out.


We have all slept together the past two nights. Normally I am not for this, but my children have been hot. We have a window AC in our room. Plus to be honest, I just really missed my children while we were away. It has been kind of fun waking up to Scotty's voice right next to the bed in the morning.


I know I have talked a lot about the future lately, but I am so thankful for this moment, too. I guess my heart is just hurting so much for all of the children that will never experience this.

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Erin said...


I LOVE the picture of Scotty where his foot is in focus and the rest of him is in the background. It is beautiful...

Also, I just wanted to send you a virtual {{{hug}}}. I think that God is using you in many ways right now. He is using you to reach other people interested in adoption; He is giving you a new baby soon; He is helping you to give these orphans a face and a voice. I pray that God continues to use you this way.

I think it is amazing and I am so excited for your family.

In Christ,

CreationsForEleanor said...

Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog! I absolutely loved this post and how you talked about your love for being at home with your children. It saddens me when you hear people complain about being a stay at home mom, and while we all know there are rough days there is nothing (in my opinion) more rewarding. We are shaping their little lives to grow up and be strong followers of Christ. Thanks for sharing!

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