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Thursday, July 1, 2010

.A {Giant} Step Forward.

Today was a very exciting and much anticipated day in our home. We were finally - almost a month later than we had anticipated - able to mail in our $3,521.00 check and oodles and oodles of signed and collected paper work in order to get the ball rolling for our home study!!

Yes, we are both as sleepy as he looks. {wink}

So what's next? Well another financial mountain, but we continue to trust God to supply and meet those demands, and we praise Him for so many of YOU that made today's check possible! Our next financial hurdle is about $8,000.00 Deep breath. {grin} I received several encouraging emails today. One said this But, I want you to know that God cares about your child way more than you could ever, His very heart is for the orphan! I stand confident in telling you that every dime will be provided. You will never be a penny short or a day late. Jesus is all you need. Wow. I just cried as I read this beautiful email written from the heart of a woman that has walked our journey. Not only has she walked our journey, but this family has not seen the command of James 1:27 as a one time thing that we do and forget about. Her and her husband have started an amazing ministry in Africa. You can click on the button that says "Into the Streets of Africa" on my left side bar to learn more.

We will now wait to be contacted to set up the meetings for our home study interviews - this is a MAJOR part of the home study. Most likely we will have four meetings. Our goal was to have this completed by fall as well as our dossier on its way to Ethiopia. I still believe it is doable!

There is so much that I want to say that God is placing on my heart, but I am going to hold back right now. God is doing a mighty work in the hearts of Jim and myself. As much as we have been "rebuked" (many times by people who have very sincere motives but have just yet to have their eyes be opened to the Truth) by others we have been even more encouraged by many, many families that are in this same process or have gone before us. All of them have agreed and supported our words and actions and applauded our candor. It is a blessing to be known and understood.

I just want to leave with this thought. In writing about my convictions of our biblical mandate in James 1:27 this week, please do NOT misunderstand me in thinking that I am saying every Christian is called to adopt. (I do ask you to search your heart and God's plan if you are feeling a little uneasy, though.) I thought I had made that very clear, that this is not the case. My point has only been that MANY have been called and are ignoring the call, and ALL have been called to do SOMETHING when it comes to orphans, widows, and living our lives unstained by the world. I absolutely will not back down on that or water that down. It is biblical truth. Yes, all of us will have different journeys in life, but this verse is very clearly written for every Christian, and I truly believe that God is asking us to share that truth with others as well as a very candid picture of our adoption story.

Stepping off my soap box.

Just had to get that off my chest.

Love to you all, and thank you for your generosity and encouragement. What an awesome community of godly, believers I have found here. Jim and I are sooo appreciative. You have no idea....
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Lara said...

Great news! Funny, I drafted a post (not yet published) where I found myself saying the same things about adoption.

Oh, and your t-shirt dress inspired me - I linked to you today!

Carrie said...

That's wonderful news!!! Glad you were able to get it set off, and yes, when you follow God's leading, it is amazing how He will provide every cent you need - in His perfect timing - I think for me, it's the timing part that's the hardest - not too great at waiting! :)

Christy said...

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! SO EXCITING - I am so happy for you guys! :)

Amanda Hoyt said...

Yay and PTL!
Tiffany - did you receive my tweet the other day about Worthy of the Prize Ministries?

sasha parker said...

Hi, I got to your blog through a place called simplicity. I am praying for you! The enemy wants to destroy this beautiful picture. Trust him, this IS his Will!:) Sasha

Unknown said...

Oh girl, it's okay!!! Don't apologize. You are SO busy with things right now, I understand : )

Gosh, I don't even know where to begin. Your story...all of this, it just blesses me so much to read your blog. I enjoy MYSELF EVERY time I come to your blog, too!

I understand how exhausted, excited, happy, nervous, sad, (sheesh, probably EVERY emotion) you must be feeling right now, but you're doing it! You are slowly, but surely, allowing the Holy Spirit to lead you through this journey one small victorious step at a time. That takes incredible faith on your family's part. Goodness, does that ever bring a smile to my face!

Tiff, you just keep at it. : ) Keep living your calling. It is so amazing to witness.

I'm in the process of working on an online shop to raise funds for missions. It's hard! I'm having a hard time with all of the details and everything, but I truly feel like God has called me to advocate these types of outreaches, as well as help fund them. To fund people like YOU!

You're right...maybe everyone can't adopt, but we all need to be very serious about our compassion toward the orphans, widows, elderly, downtrodden. They are so dear to our heavenly Father. We all CAN do something.

My heart breaks for these precious little children. So many of them are starving. It just is NOT right. So, I'm right there with you girl, let's do something about it!

I'm praying for you, your family, this whole process, and that God helps you with the peace/rest you need to make it through all of this. Praying your sleep schedule gets back to normal, too : )

So, so much love to you all!

mosey said...

YEAH YEAH YEAH!!! I am so excited for you guys, I SO understand what an exciting step it is to finally turn it all that paperwork!!!

I love your heart for Adoption, your heart for the Lord's truth. And your friend is right, God will provide every single penny just in His perfect time.

Kylee said...

Celebrating with you as you put that check in the mail. Praise God for His goodness!!

Anonymous said...

How exciting!!! What wonderful news!

I sent a link to your blogger to a good friend of mine. Her and her husband adopted a little girl from China 5 years ago and just adopted a little boy from Africa about a year and a half ago. I'm sure she can share some inspiring words with you!

Take care and God bless

- Alida

Heather and Adam said...

That is great news. My wife and I are just wrapping up our home study. Don't be afraid to call the social workers to set up your appointments. Sometimes they are not in as much of a hurry as we often are to get things done. Also, the speed at which the home study is done is largely up to you.

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