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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

.Just Thinking.

When spring blows in so does my creativity. I have more energy, and I get an urgent need to create. My friend Theresa and I will be creating fancy camera straps this Tuesday for our cameras. I am so excited about that and picked out my pretty fabric on Saturday. Although her mad sewing skills will no doubt put me to shame! HA!

Maybe those window treatments for my kitchen will actually get sewn this spring.


I am even thinking about more creative things to do with my blog. That is one of the reasons I love blogging. I have an excuse everyday to create with my words or photos on this blank slate.

I was just thinking about giving another vlog post a try. This time I will use my Cadi as well, and I will demonstrate how we work together in the kitchen by baking a recipe on camera. I have gotten a lot of questions regarding how to incorporate little girls into the kitchen. I keep thinking that might be a nice post to save for the Raising Homemakers blog, though.

I have also been thinking of posting a challenge for myself and other interested women - a challenge to turn off the computer and all things computer related - blogs, email, twitter, facebook, etc. for one week, and really just live in the moment with our children. I was just thinking of calling it "Turn off and Tune in".

And then I have been thinking about redoing my photography site. {bleck} I need to update photos there at least. The site is pretty cheesy right now (although I love my song), and doesn't really "say" what I desire for it to. And I have toyed around with creating a blog entirely for my photography. But honestly, do I need another blog - between A Moment Cherished, and writing for Raising Homemakers, and my Frozen Moments face book page and website??? I think I am pretty busy, and those things mentioned should be enough of an outlet for my creativity.

And speaking of photography. Mmmm....I have been dreaming. I really, at this point anyway, do not want it to be anything besides just a little side business. It can not distract from my family. Jim and I have been discussing ways to make it work, because I truly am passionate about freezing moments for other families. However, I am not as passionate about that as I am about my own family. {grin} I have been thinking about starting some senior shoots. I really like photographing children, but I think seniors could be fun.

Oh, and talk about cheesy. Check out Scotty! This is what he has been doing everytime I get the camera out the past few days! He squeezes his eyes shut so tightly and grins in such a way that his whole body shakes! Hilarious!


Photo credit goes to my husband for this capture! Can anyone tell me where the rest of my 20 month old's teeth are?!

With all of this creativity burning inside of me, I also have this HUGE desire to accomplish a goal that I set forth for myself for this year - organize and declutter EVERY bit of this house! Been working on the childrens' rooms and switching over their wardrobe to summer. I can NOT believe for the first time in their lives I will be putting their summer clothes into their own dressers not suitcases to take to camp! So strange.

Well, I have got to do something with this energy. I think I will attack our bedroom. I have a vision....

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Bethany said...

I love that picture of Scotty. I also love that you have set all of these goals for yourself! Little chunks at a time!!! Set daily or weekly goals so you don't get discouraged. Also, I hope that in your spare moments you are able to dream up some creative ideas for my engagement photos! :-) I love you!!

Ashley Williams said...

Hi Tiff!! Just started reading your blog again. Love it!! :] Reading about how you want to put blogging, e-mailing, facebook aside for one week brought me back about 1 1/2 years ago. I did that for a week - and it was great. I told myself that it was just taking too much time out of my life and I also did it for other reasons also ((they shall remain non-spoken)). :] Anywho, I just got back into blogging - its kinda fun (although its somewhat hard for me to write things about my life) - I am a work in progress I guess!!

Erin said...

That is such a happy face! I love it and it's easy to see why you love it (him) so much too!


bbcd mama said...

Oh my goodness! You can see ALL of them in his gums?!?! Poor him and poor you!

I'm taking my first ever sewing class in a few weeks. Maybe a camera strap cover is in my future?

Nutty Mom said...

HAHa I love Scotty's teeth! Donut only has 5 and she's 20 months also.

I know what you mean about getting creative and getting busy. I have only one small spot in our house left to declutter. And that's my sewing stuff. I got everything else done this past week and it's taken such a load off. The girls are happier and they get to play more fun things throughout the day because we can actually FIND them!

I liked your vlog the other day, I think you should do more!

Theresa said...

Be still my heart! That picture of Scotty is TOO much! Juliet and Layla both took a long time with their teeth too.
I'm so excited to dress up our cameras next week :) I will be undecided on my fabric right up until the the last minute. Although, right now, I'm researching camera bags because I have officially outgrown my little one. I don't think I'll be able to swing an Epiphanie one though- oh well!
I think you would do great Sr portraits ;)

Heather said...

That picture of Scotty is sooo cute! :-)
Guess what! Tomorrow I am making a camera strap for my DSLR(with my mom's help)! :-)
I found about this website- through another blogger's blog I follow. :) My mom actually had fabric for me to choose from so I didn't have to go to the fabric store.
I have curtains to finish too for my dining room. I made two tab curtains a few years ago, and I didn't write down exactly how I made them. I followed a pattern but I still had to make them a little differently for my windows. So, I have two to make yet and I want to make them in the next couple months.
I would love it if you hosted a challenge of getting off the computer and electronics for a week! I would participate in that!
And also, I need to declutter my home as well. I keep thinking this, like everyday, but I get overwhelmed. I need to take it one small clutter space at a time. :) Sometimes it is hard for me to think that way though. I see everything and set myself up for failure and don't even try.
At least I am aware of that so I can work on that about myself. :)
Okay, my comment is super long here.
I hope you do another vlog again, I always enjoy it when bloggers I follow do those.

JoeyandStacia2010 said...


I am the tee shirt lady dealing w/your husband at camp for about 5 years. I was so excited to hear from him yesterday about the new "project" he has for me to work on for your family.
It is so funny because over the weekend God brought Jim into my mind to pray for and then out of the blue he called.
I am excited he gave me the information for your blog and plan on following it to get great tips on raising my family.
I know you don't need to hear this but those that say you are "wasting" your children's time by blogging have no idea of the legacy you are leaving behind for them.
Can you imagine when Cadi and Scotty are grown up and with families of their own and how they will be able to come here to this blog and capture everything from their childhood? You are doing an amazing job and I cannot wait to see what God has in store for your family.

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