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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

.The Thrill of Thrifting a Vlog.

I am a little apprehensive about bringing you my first vlog post, as I am much better in writing than in person! However, I really wanted to show you some of the great finds I purchased while thrifting yesterday. (Also I have really enjoyed viewing other women's vlogs. It just feels so personal!)

Yes, that is my real voice on the video.

Yes, it is tiny and squeaky.

No, I do not have a cold.

Just wanted to clear that up. {grin} And don't mind the crazy hair - it's been a crazy day!

Sorry about the crooked camera - I am not so great at videography!


Bethany said...

Oh Tiffany! I loved your video!! What great finds! :-) I love your voice it is perfect! I miss you so much after seeing this!!

Barbie said...

Loved your Vlog. I don't think I would be ever brave enough to do one. You found some great deals!

Kylee said...

Good work! You're adorable. I love that dress you got for Cadi. (I'm kinda obsessed with little girl clothes.)

To answer your question, I would love to clean your baseboards! I think I found my calling in life. (not!)

Mandolin said...

Oh my word! I loved this and it totally challenged me to keep trying! I give up so easily...especially as the stores around here are not so great :( (sigh)...
you are too cute!

bbcd mama said...

You did great! What did you think about it?

Theresa said...

Fabulous presentation! Loved it and can't wait to get back to treasure hunting ;)

Heather said...

I really loved this!!
I, too, have enjoyed seeing other vlogs in blog world and your right, it is more personal. :)
I like your voice! It fits the kind of person I imagine you to be and what I have gathered from your blog. There is a very sweet girl in my Bible study, a few years older than me, and she is just so encouraging and sweet and her voice is tiny too. :)
Good job on the thrift store finds!! I have found great clothes at thrift stores. One skirt I have is a long, black DKNY skirt that I wear to church. It was probably only a few dollars.
I haven't been in a while but keep meaning to go because I need some new clothes but I hate paying full price or even not so great sale prices for clothes. I look at the piece of clothing I want and I think "that is so not worth x amount of dollars...." I really like quality clothing and the "banana republic" look so I hope I find some good deals when I go.
Maybe I should just go tomorrow instead of putting it off! :-)
P.S. I, too, was encouraged by Sarah Mae's blog, her skirts were so cute! I actually got a couple pair this past week...just a denim to the knee and a khaki one...I need to find some fun summer ones now. :)

sarahmae said...

GREAT job!!!!!!!

I'm all about the thrifting, but how do you do it with three small children in tow?!!

Carrie said...

I love thrifting, too! We have a little thrift store in our teeny town, it's the ministry of a church and all their clothes, adult and kids, are $1 a bag! I took my SIL there when she visited a couple weeks ago & we both made some great finds! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, I don't think I would be brave enough. I really enjoyed your v-blog. Thank you! BTW. I really like the twirly skirt ;)


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