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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

.Brilliant, Buttery Biscuits and a Bit of Babbling.

This post could also alternately be titled I Love my Best Friend's Biscuits! Ha! {grin}


And I really do. My best friend Bethany (if she had a blog I would point you there, but she doesn't) gave me a recipe for the most brilliant, buttery biscuits I have ever bitten.

(Okay, I will stop with the alliteration. I am feeling silly!)

They are seriously amazing and terribly unhealthy, but that has not stopped me from baking them over and over. {sigh} Her secret is to keep the butter in large chunks when mixing the dough; that way the biscuits will bake with those lovely, buttery, flaky layers that we all look for in a great biscuit. I have discovered that the less I work the dough, the lighter and flakier my biscuits turn out. I have made this recipe for both sweet and savory recipes - from chicken and biscuits to strawberries and whipped cream over biscuits. However, my favorite way to eat these is warm out of the oven with honey drizzled on top. Mmmmm. Bethany also tells me that adding some garlic and cheddar cheese into the dough will turn these into biscuits similar to the cheddar bay ones served at Red Lobster. If you are interested in this great (and easy) recipe click here.

Thank you for all of the interest and encouragement shown regarding my blog hop Momentous Monday. I am really excited for it to kick off next Monday. Please spread the word on your blog and if you are going to join feel free to add the button to your sidebar. (You can get the code for the button by scrolling to the bottom of my left hand sidebar.)

And speaking of buttons thanks for grabbing my new A Moment Cherished blog button! It makes me smile to read your blog and see my little button featured there. {grin}

We are getting back into the swing of things this week after all being sick with the stomach bug last. It rained this morning, but now it has cleared off and is a bit humid even. Cadi and I had a great morning doing school. She impresses me so with her reading and her love for learning. What a little blessing she is. Our video camera died a few years back. There is so much I wish I could capture - Cadi reading, Scotty's cute little walk and sweet words, etc. Maybe someday. My still camera is pretty great at capturing moments right now. {grin}

I hope you have a blessed Tuesday. Your comments are such a blessing to me - thank you for taking the time to read my words and encourage my heart.

PS ~Welcome to all of the visitors from Lynette's blog! I am so glad to have you here as a guest at A Moment Cherished. Feel free to have a cup of coffee with me and look around. I love to meet other passionate mommies! I am starting a new blog hop that you can read all about below. And I would so love to have you join us. You have brightened my day by visiting - thanks! {grin}


Melissa said...

I make some biscuits like that with the butter, cheddar and garlic. they are AMAZING! I especially love to make them and eat them with a good homemade soup. . . like ham & potato, or beef stew or something like that. YUM! Anyway, I don't roll my out and cut them... I just barely mix them and them drop them by the spoonful onto my baking sheet. Then I spread a little butter on the top right when they first come out of the oven.

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Oh my those biscuits look delicious! I just asked my hubby if we could go have breakfast for supper tonight while Joy is in dance class and he said yes! Yay!

Blessings to you, Tiffany!


Son and Julie said...

I may be late in saying this (our computer has been down for a few days) but I LOVE your new layout and the picture of your family is so sweet! I am going to have to try this recipe with the garlic & Cheddar - the Red Lobster biscuits are my favorite!!

Unknown said...

Don't you dare do a new blog post for Wednesday because everybody will be coming to see THIS ONE! :) You are my featured blog for this week!


You and your blog are very charming. I enjoyed looking around.

Have fun meeting some new chums!
PS See, I DID get to your lovely blog! :)

Becky said...

I am in Japan right now (so we don't have an oven) but as soon as I get home (in 5 weeks) I am going to bake those biscuits. Thanks for sharing. Stopped by from Lynnette's and I am so glad I did :)

Kathryn @ Expectant Hearts said...

Came over from Lynnettes! Gonna check out Momentous Monday too! Nice to "meet" you.. (Your daughter is adorable.. I have a 4 year old girl too! LOVE this age)

Pam said...

Just hopped over from Lynette's and YUMM!! I know what I will be making tomorrow.

Lindsay said...

Hi Tiffany,
I'm visiting from Lynnette's blog. I love yours! The title is really nice... I love that verse from James! Oh, those biscuits look and sound amazing! Now you've got me wanting to make some. :)

God Bless,

BARBIE said...

Stopping over from Lynnette's! Your blog is beautiful and those biscuits, AMAZING! I am drooling over here just thinking about warm, hot biscuits! Gonna have to make them real soon. Until next time!

Anonymous said...

Those biscuits looks so tasty!

~Debra at

Anonymous said...

I've come to visit from Lynette's blog! I have to tell that where I come from biscuits are what you call cookies, and what you call biscuits, we call scones! I love to make both!

dragonfrye said...

I'm visiting from Lynette's blog. What a sweet family you have! I love the photo of your little ones looking in their Easter baskets! Very beautiful biscuts,too.

Rachel @ Finding Joy said...

I'm visiting from Lynette's blog.

I love your blog!! And now I'm really, really, really hungry for biscuits. Did I SAY REALLY?

I'll be following!

Unknown said...

Stopping over from Lynnette's blog and so glad that I did. I really love that she does this-it is fun to get to blogs and meet new people that you may have never met otherwise. Beautiful kiddos-I'll be following you as well- look forward to getting to read more of your blog.
If you get a chance drop by and join me too-
just another little blog ( I have no clue how to do all this stuff yet-I need a blogging for idiots book).
Hope you all are feeling better now.
Have a blessed day.
Jill Jones

Jus and Kat said...

I'm here from Lynette's blog, so nice to "meet" you! I love alliteration (and biscuits).

Thanks for sharing!

Kat @ In Dylan's Memory

Kade said...

Guess what? Another person from Lynette...

Yer probably sick and tired of all o' us...

But hey, here's a change... I'm probably the only dude from Lynette... wut huh!

You know, those biscuts look like the ones from Red Lobster. And they are good, so...

Unknown said...

Visiting from Lynette's blog, and adding your cute blog to my following list.

I can't wait to try the bisquit recipe....most likely for dinner tonight!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Celee said...

Found you through Lynette. I'm following now. I also homeschool, but I'm not a from scratch biscuit-maker, yet.

Linda said...

Hello Tiffany...I am Lynnette's Mom and I have become your follower today. (:>)

What a lovely family you have! I love that all of your clothes are coordinated in the pictures.

I love blogging and meeting nice people like you out here in blogland...but I especially love meeting sisters in Christ and those who are living for the Lord. We will all meet someday in heaven....and like you have said, this life is like a vapor which vanishes.

So...while we are here we should cherish the moments and appreciate all that God has given us huh? I totally agree with you!!!

I may try to join in on some of the Monday blogs, so I will add my name. But I never know when this ancient computer is going to cooperate. (:>)

Loved the delicious looking biscuts. I will try them. Thanks!

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

midRae said...

Yup, I am going to try the bisquits. And a shout out to Lynnette for introducing us. :)

TIFFANY said...

Stopping over from Lynnette's blog. I can't wait to try that biscuit recipe!

Melanie Eccles said...

well, I'm not a mommy--yet--but I loved meeting you via Lynnette's blog. I hope to read more (and learn more...I love learning from mother's before I get to that stage...hopefully in the next year or so!)
You have a gorgeous family!


sothisislife said...

Hello, visiting from Lynette's getting to visit a fellow mom's blog and learn of who God is in each of us.

Grace~The Mommy On the Bus said...

Tiffany congrats on being featured this week! Pretty fun, huh?! We are definitely a "carb" family so I'll be trying out these biscuits soon :) I've been to your blog before and have looked around, but just realized I wasn't a follower yet...but i just fixed that ;)

Jenilee said...

I am a faithful follower, but commenting today for GTKY! :) Congrats on being featured this week! :) and the buscuits look super yummy!

the Spocks said...

Those biscuits sound so yummy I will have to try them sometime. Visiting from Lynnette's blog.

Have a great day!!

Coleene VanTilburg said...

Hello, I have added you to my blogs I follow and enjoyed reading your blog so far. I am visiting from Lynette's blog. I tried to do a Mclinkey thing for your Monday blog...but I think I messed up...(didn't show blue). So if you can take it off, I will redo it. I think I know what I did wrong.. Sorry. But anyways, have a blessed day. Coleene

Karen said...

Stopping by from Lynnette's "Getting To Know You" to say Hi! You have a beautiful family and those biscuits look yummy!


Life Is Crazy Beautiful said...

Hi Tiffany, I'm Lynnette's sister! I love your "little" blog (mine's "littler", ha ha). I sometimes wish we had had this forum when my daughter was younger...she's just old enough that everything was pre-scrapbooking craze, pre-affordable video cameras, pre-VeggieTales, pre-computers in every home, pre-blogging & digital scrapbooking.

Enjoy all your new visitors!

Unknown said...

Those biscuits look so good! I am glad that Lynnette sent us to your blog this week. I look forward to reading more about you and you cute family.

Charity Nee said...

I just came over from Lynnette's - what a great blog you've got!! ;) Those biscuits look delicious...
I'm following your blog now!
Blessings in Christ,
(thanks lynnette for sending me over here, lol!!)
Micah 7:7-9

Holly said...

Here from Lynnette's! I am such a bread lover so those biscuits are totally mouth-watering!!! *drool*

Sara Maria said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! Those biscuits look AMAZING! Next time I make biscuits I'm going to try this recipe. Also, I'm visiting from Lynett's blog.
~Sara Maria Finley

Diana said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! LOVE biscuits... I do about the same kind of recipe, too! They are gobbled down in nothing flat. LOL!

Just popped over from Lynnette's "Getting to Know YOU"... to get to know YOU! So glad to meet you, Tiffany! Really enjoyed reading-around on your blog tonight!

Have a happy week! {heart}

Amy said...

Stopping by from Lynette's Blog! You have a beautiful blog. So glad she directed us to you.

Anonymous said...

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