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Thursday, September 12, 2013

.Noonday Collection Give-Away.

Would you like to win a $50 gift card from the AMAZING Noonday collection?! You will be helping my husband and I out in the process by raising awareness for Mercy Branch Inc in order for us to be able to get to Ethiopia and serve street children in order to advance the Kingdom.

All you have to do is go to our Mercy Branch Inc facebook page here, and "like" it. That's it! If you do that then your name is entered into a drawing to win the $50 gift card.

The only catch is that in order to give one gift card away, we have to reach 1000 likes by THIS Saturday, September 14th and noon est. We are currently a bit short of 500 likes, so we need you to like our page and then would you share about us (and the give-away) on your social media sites, please? Pretty please? it would be so sad to not be able to give this gift card away.  Thank you so much! I hope one of my bloggy readers WINS! You guys rock!


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