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Friday, October 19, 2012

.Grace for Those Mommying Days - You Know the Ones.

If you are a mommy you have had one or will have one. It's inevitable that you will have mornings where you wake up empty and spent from a long night of little sleep. Coffee does little to recharge you and a fog takes over your head. You know the days I am talking about, when you do not think you can change one more diaper, or pick up one more block, or help with one more homework assignment. The days when you feel like your head will implode when you are asked again where this is and that is. The moment when you realize you have read his favorite book 2000 times and you think you cannot possibly mumble through it for the 2001st time, and forget the character voices and the animated narration because they. aren't. happening. I'm talking about the days where you think that surely someone else could sweep into your home and do it all better. When you look to your right and to your left and see her mothering better and her and her. You see that mom over there, the one that has it all together. For the days that you want to curl back in bed and throw the covers over your head because you have failed so many times before breakfast has ever even hit the cereal bowl.


You've had one of those days, right?

Me too. And, especially for those days, it is time to give ourselves a little grace.

Grace for Those Mommying Days:
  1. I will grasp the truth that the moment I became Mommy, I traded in my perfect house for an authentic, lived in, loved on home.
  2. My success as a mommy is not wrapped up in clean dishes, clean clothes, or clean children, rather in children who are secure in the love of their mommy and her Jesus.
  3. God gave these children to me, knowing that they were perfectly created to expose my weaknesses - the very weaknesses that God's power is perfected through.
  4. I will remember that this life is a vapor when my child is making her 100th excuse at bedtime, and I will hold her a little closer knowing today is a gift and tomorrow is not promised.
  5. I will get on the floor and tickle and laugh and build block castles; I will forget the telephone, the computer, and the to-do list momentarily, for I know that childhood is a season and someday I will miss this.
  6. I will purpose to see Jesus in the middle of the mess and share Him tangibly with each child - this season of soft-tender hearts is brief.
  7. My apologies will come quickly when I lose my temper, mess up, and fall short; children need to see that Mommy is human and humble and values how she treats them.
  8. I will  invite my children to laugh and be silly and dance and be wild, because this one beautiful life should be lived with crazy joy.
  9. I will embrace the moment, looking past the chaos, and reflecting on the beauty in the here and now.
  10. I will always, always, always say I love you and mean it.
[Printable here.]

Go on Mommy, give yourself grace. Jesus already has.


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