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Sunday, May 13, 2012

.Day 13 of 7.

It was such a beautiful weekend. 7 was just not in the forefront of my mind - regardless if that is a good or bad thing. We did eat the chicken bbq today. Just the chicken. No sides. It was good. It was nice to have some flavor and seasonings, but honestly it was still chicken. I don't feel guilty, but I am glad that we did not splurge on anything else besides seasoning.

Every single day I think of Jamesy's first mommy, but I am finding that Mother's Day brings the emotions of the truth that another Mommy loved my baby, right into a hot, thick lump in my throat. I tried to experience the day to it's fullest - for her and I. I pray we have eternity together for me to be able share all of these special moments that she missed.

But for now, I soak them up for the two of us and bury them in my heart.

There is nothing like being a mommy. Oh, Jesus, draw these hearts to Yours. May these children grow to be the greatest advancers of Your kingdom in their genereation. May the gospel be spread to the end of the earth, by the beautiful feet of these three.


The sun was bright in her eyes. My precious girl who daily points me to her Daddy in Heaven. My children keep me humbled at His feet.



This photo is precious to me. This is my grandma whom we have been praying for all winter. She was so close to going home to meet Jesus, but He was not finished with her life here. She is home, and she is doing well!




To the One who has, for now, blessed me with these - thank you.


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