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Monday, January 16, 2012

.A Saturday Moment.

We had just finished a breakfast of whole grain waffles. Our tummies were happy. We had shared giggles between bites, the children snug around our little table, and Jim and I cozied next to each other. Always this way. Us exchanging glances and smiles, eyes dancing as if to say is this really our life? Are we really this blessed? Are these children really this crazy?! And sometimes we just burst out laughing, right then and there, at the wonder of it all. Lately we have been reminding one another that we have a six year old, a three year old, and a two year old. So craziness is pretty much required. And most days we love it!

I began clearing the dishes as the children stayed and chatted with their daddy. The Pond, or some other Saturday morning radio drama, was playing softly in the background on our Christian radio station. As I wiped down the waffle iron and scraped bits into the disposal, I began to hear giggles, and then rhymes, and sometimes clapping. I finished up what I was doing, dried my hands, and peeked around the corner. Jim had pulled one of Scotty's "preschool" books out. The children were all gathered around him laughing and jumping and dancing in circles.

It was the best moment all week.

To see Jim embracing Daddyhood. To see Cadi with sparkle back in her eyes, and a flush on her cheeks. To see Scotty following along and understanding what Daddy was asking him to do, and realizing how much he is growing. To see Jamesy, running here and there and belly laughing - thinking he was the reason everyone else was laughing - forever our clown.

It's a memory I mostly tucked into my heart, because I was too slow getting my camera out, with little time to check lighting or settings, I began to freeze the moment. It's nice to have these photographs, blurry and all.
001 010 015 017 018 026 027 028 029

These are the moments, that when I am old and gray, I will pull out of that little place in my heart, and revisit.

And I will smile and remember when.

When my children were little.

When my husband was young.

When life was so full and so blessed.
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