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Friday, January 27, 2012

.A Moment Cherished Takes Just a Minute.

I remember just like it was yesterday.

The evening before, I had worked carefully on writing a short story. It wasn't a homework assignment, just something I loved to do. I typed the story onto our home computer, and printed it out, stapled it, and carefully stuck it in my school bag for the next day. I proudly handed that story to my fifth grade teacher the next morning (who also happened to be my great aunt), she smiled at me, as I told her that I had written a short story for her to read. I will never forget when that story landed back on my desk, with her pretty, "teacher-y" writing on the top page.

Tiffany, I loved this story. You will make a wonderful author someday.

It probably only took her a minute to write those words, but twenty years later those same words are still tucked into my heart. No, I am not an author (yet), but writing continues to be a very important desire and passion of mine. And without hesitation, those words written on the top of that short story, lit the fire under my dream to be a writer. It's a cherished moment for me that only took a minute. As a mommy, I try to be intentional about finding these moments for my own children. Our words are so powerful in the lives of our children, and the children around us. They have the power to ignite dreams, desires, passions, or to destroy and smother those same dreams, desires, and passions.

This is a powerful video on how taking just a minute to speak wonderful, uplifting words into the heart of a child can stay with that child forever.

Another way that we can use our words in the life of a child is by sponsoring a precious little one through Compassion International. Not only are the financial funds important and life-altering, but our words just as much so. It has been such a joy for our family to write letters to our sponsored children, knowing that every word can be used to breathe hope into their life. A moment cherished takes just a minute and can last a life time. It's the little moments that make up our lives. Don't you have a minute to give?

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