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Friday, November 18, 2011

.The Post I Was Going to Write.

Yesterday a friend of mine linked a blog post to her facebook wall. It looked interesting because it was about trans racial adoption (For the record I absolutely hate that term, but I use it because that is the word everyone uses. I would much prefer trans ethnic adoption. We are ALL the same race. We all came from Adam and Eve. There are only different ethnicities. Stepping off of my soap box now). I couldn't believe it when I read it. It was the exact post I have been trying to draft up for a few weeks. I had talked it through with Jim, and I had written a few things. But I could not get it to come together right (and graciously).

Love that overlooks is belittling. Love that acknowledges is accepting.

I have two white children and one black child, and I am NOT colorblind.

Bottom line: love is not colorblind. In fact, God (who is love) is not colorblind.

Since we adopted Jamesy I cannot even count how many times people have talked about "how amazing" it is that our family is colorblind. We are not colorblind. I see my Jamesy's beautiful brown skin, and I see Cadi and Scotty's beautiful pale skin. God chose to make Jamesy brown, so why would I ever choose to ignore that?

If you want to read the post, click here. I would love to hear what you think, especially if you are married to someone of a different ethnicity or have an interracial {cringe} family.

Jim and I pray to raise Jamesy to be a strong, confident, black, Ethiopian American man of God. We pray, just as we pray for our other children, that he will be the greatest man of God in his whole generation, that God will take him to the ends of the earth for His glory. And amidst all of that we celebrate exactly how God made him, and the heritage that he was born into. We will never try to take the black out of him or Africa out of him (and this is where I differ from a man that I respect very much Dr. Russell Moore - author of Adopted for Life). But I stand firm on this.

Thank you Amie Sexton for saying what I was finding difficult to say.



Mama E said...

I have thoughts and emotions on this very subject, just not sure how to put it all into words. I think about it daily as my husband is of a mixed ethnic background (Korean/Italian) and so are my kids. Already I have heard from my own mother, "your kids don't look Asian at all" It is very hurtful, something I NEVER want them to hear. So what if they look Asian, THEY ARE!! The question I run into is, how do I still respect and honor my mom while protecting my children and standing up for what I believe in.

I think that people are ignorant when it comes to racism and race discrimination. Too often, people only view racism as "big" actions and words, thus their own little nuances aren't racist. Does that make any sense? I guess what I am saying is that many people tend to have racist tendencies and don't even realize it. So how do we educate and raise the awareness that actions, attitudes and colorblind comments are indeed racist?

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