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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

.I Have Been.

Welcoming fall with arms flung wide. Fall is my favorite season (until winter comes, and then until spring get the idea. So thankful to live in a state that embraces the seasons.)

Baking these

and this

and these.

Teaching my Cadi (and learning myself) about the human body and Christopher Columbus, and what it means to have and show compassion the way Jesus did and does.


Lighting pumpkin scented candles and dreaming of crisp weather, vibrant trees, and Macintosh apples.

Laughing at and with my two little boys, who fill our home with sunshine and mischief.



Falling more and more in love with Jim, as we hang on for dear life through this roller coaster ride that makes up our moments.


Reading, reading, reading, to my children, with my children, by myself. Searching out God's Word to try to grasp what it really means to live each moment with Christ in me.

Cooking this.

Missing Ethiopia and aching to be back there. (Jealous my husband leaves very soon to go back.)

Rejoicing that Jamesy's hormone work-up came back normal, and that he does not have to have his hormones checked again for several months!

Living life to the full, falling in bed exhausted, realizing that mommying and homeschooling are the hardest jobs I have ever loved.

Waiting for God to show us what is next. Preparing my heart for anything.



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