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Monday, May 9, 2011

.My Privilege.

There was a moment in my life when I thought that maybe I did not want to be a mommy. I am so thankful that God, in His sovereign grace, did not choose that path for me. Being a mommy is a privilege and blessing, and one that I do not take for granted. It is a high calling and a huge responsibility.

Having these three beautiful children to mommy is beyond wonderful. This is not what I would have written into the plot of my life. I couldn't have. I had no capacity for something so marvelous. It is so much more than I could have ever dreamed for my own life. I am thankful for the One who knew my heart's desires, before I even knew them.


A year ago, I posted and announced our desire to add to our family through adoption. I remember sitting in a church pew last year, wondering about who it was that God was knitting into our hearts and our family. And today, as I sat in the very same pew, that little person - my son - was bouncing in my lap. How great is our God!


I came to this day a different Mommy than a year ago when I dreamed of what the future would hold. I pray that I am a better Mommy, and I am more accurately mirroring a picture of Jesus - to my children and the world around me. I expected much from Mother's Day this year. I walked into it excited to celebrate what God had done in our family. I was not disappointed. How could I be when I awoke to the smiling faces of three wide-eyed children snuggled into my bed? Three of the best blessings I have ever recieved.

I looked into their eyes - two piercingly blue and clear and one dark brown and mesmerizing. My heart beat loud and clear, and the only words echoing my thoughts were It's my privilege.


To the women whose arms ached yesterday (and everyday) for children to hold and someone to call them Mommy, may the arms of Jesus tightly wrap around you, and may you know His perfect peace.


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