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Monday, May 2, 2011

.Getting Back into the Groove.

I have been sporadic with my writing - my blogging lately. I have needed to as we acclimate to our new normal, but everything is going really, really well (minus the sleepless nights, but eh...). It settled over me this morning, that we had indeed found our new rhythm - all is falling into place, our days are steady and have found a new schedule. It feels as if Jamesy has always been here - like the gaping hole that was in our family is healed. And with all this, my desire to write is bubbling up and needing an escape.


I gave up being a contributing writer for Raising Homemakers (which I still love and am passionate about homemaking!) several months ago, as I needed to slow and prepare my heart for my son to come home. I also stopped writing regulary - scheduling posts and planning ahead what I would write - and that was perfect for that time.

I have waivered back and forth about whether this season of blogging (I have blogged now for almost 6 years) was coming to an end. I have played with things here, wrestling with whether my blog should remain without comments, but knowing that I cannot keep up with the emails without the comments open. I feel so blessed to have my life intersect with hundreds of sisters in Christ across the globe, because of a little blog. I always feel guilty when I do not have the time to sit and answer someone and give them the time they have given to me. So for now comments are open, and I am trying a new comment system (which is being kind of wonky). I am hoping this allows me to interact quickly with my readers and alleviates my guilt of not responding to emails. If yours was one of the emails that did not receive a response please forgive me. I beg grace from you. I read each and every one of them, and I was so blessed. Thank you for taking this journey with me - it has been a year, sweet friends, since I announced our intent to adopt on my blog. I was covered in prayer, love, and support from many of you, and I am truly indebted.

This morning over our Ethiopian coffee Jim and I got to talking about my blog. He encouraged me to invest more time into my writing here again. I love that I married a man so in-tune with what I am passionate about. Some have told me that I hide behind my written words, but Jim is forever telling me that it is my gift and I need to steward it. He knows that I have to write - I was created to write, and his encouragement has renewed my passion for this little space. I am still not sure how it will all look, but I am eager to move ahead. I write for my audience of One. I write to glorify my God, and to use the talents He has given me. But the fellowship from my faithful readers is the sweet cherry on top. I am thankful for each one of you that has stuck with me during my lag in writing. Although, my ultimate goal here is to always write for God, to write what the Spirit lays on my heart, I do know that God is bringing women here to read. I pray that something I write blesses someone, and always points back to God - not to me.

Please come out of the woodwork and share with me today. Why is it that you read here? What draws you in? What makes you stay or what makes you turn away and leave? Months ago I deleted the stat counter and I no longer keep track of how much traffic comes to my blog or who comes from where. I have no idea, and that has freed me. So I am not asking this with traffic in mind. I am asking this wanting to connect with the hearts of other women. So help me to connect - what can I do/write to encourage you? There is a reason you are here, and I am grateful that God has collided our lives.

I have been thinking and praying over bringing back Momentous Monday. Would anyone still join me? I am excited to be more fully engaged in my writing. It's amazing to see how God can use even a shy, stay-at-home mom and her little keyboard.

My coffee pot is on, and I have a cup waiting. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. Sit and stay awhile.

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