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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Whose Responsibility is It?

I am reading Fields of the Fatherless (I keep messing up the title, but I just double checked and got it right! Ha!) by Tom Davis. Jim and I and a few others are praying over how orphan care might fit into our church and are using this book as a tool. Tom Davis is also featured in the video that I am posting below. I shared it with family members and friends on facebook who are burdened to care for orphans, and now I share it with you. We watched it as a family over breakfast today. I cried over my toast and into my coffee. I love that my children have become aware of our responsibility at such a young age.

If you did not read my previous post, please, please do so. This is an emergency situation in Ethiopia!

We have a problem in our culture. We have ceased the ability to be vulnerable. To be Broken.

When you live life that way, you cannot self select emotions. To be fully human, you have to be fully real - fully alive. But we're trying to protect ourselves.

And when we are talking about the cause of the orphan.... what happens to people who are not in touch with their living and brokeness is that they separate themselves and they only go so far.

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