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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

.My Heart Broke a Little More.

I still follow Lucy Lane's story, as it was her "gotchya video" posted on my friend JO's blog almost a year ago that softened my heart for Ethiopia, for adoption, for orphans, and for my responsibility as a believer in Jesus. Last week Kristi, Lucy Lane's mom, had the amazing privilege to fly back to Ethiopia and meet with Lucy's birth mom. It was a beautiful reunion from what I read, but that is not what broke my heart.

Kristi posted about visiting an orphanage, and I do not want to rewrite her post here. Basically she had a sibling group of four make a huge impression on her and she is now advocating for their adoption. There are three boys and a girl. The girl is 12 and there is a 9, 7, and 4 year old boy. They are all healthy and at their appropriate age level.

Kristi describes her experience with them here, and my heart broke a little more. If we were not in the middle of our first adoption....

Surely someone has room, in their heart, their home, their life for these four. Surely someone is being called to be their daddy and mommy. I am praying for these precious children who need and want a family. A family. I know it would take a really special couple to adopt four at once, a couple whose eyes were on eternity and not on the temporal. A couple who understands that this life may be crazy, but it is short and fleeting, and one day heaven will be our place to rest. A couple who has died to self and understand that this lifetime is not meant to be lived in comfortable, easy, luxury. A couple who understands that the souls of these four precious children are one of the only things that can be taken to heaven.

What must it be like for these children to lay their head down each night wondering if they will ever have the simple pleasure of being kissed and tucked in by a mommy and a daddy? Oh, my heart breaks.

I pray that you are that couple, that you are reading this with tears, and that the Holy Spirit is pricking your heart. I know that it is and cannot be me, or Kristi, or our words that do the pricking.

My heart broke a little more, as four beautiful children - orphans - once again became more than statistics to me.

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