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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

.To Obey Them Quickly.

Does what Jesus say determine how I live?

Does it really?

Do I use Jesus as my standard or do I compare myself with others?

Is it possible to be a follower of Christ and to be indifferent to what His Word says?

Am I indifferent? Are His Words my source of authority? Or is it that author's words? Or that preacher's? Or that blog's?

Am I lazy when it comes to applying what Jesus demands in my life?

I am dangerously tempted, as I surround myself with this culture and look at my my life to think I just don't want to deal with what Jesus demands. Can't I still be a good Christian even if my life does not look radical?

Is it worth fighting this battle? Is it worth fighting against consumerism and materialism and professionalism and legalism?

Is it worth fighting against a self-saturated and self-indulgent culture that not only surrounds me but consumes me at times?

Is it worth fighting against...





Nowhere in the New Testament do we see the idea that Christianity is or should be an easy ride. Rather we are told that we are in a....





Am I so prone to my culture around me that I have completely ignored the Word of God?

If I want to experience Jesus' glory, then I need to want the lost and the poor to experience His glory too. Do I?

Even though I know this battle is already won and that I am guaranteed the victory, do I really want to do hard things for Jesus?

In Luke 15 I am confronted, right along with the Pharisees. My life is supposed to be lived for the sake of those who do not know Christ.

In Luke 16 I am told that I should use my money, not to serve myself, but to serve the Kingdom.




money are intended to be used for the advancement of the kingdom, not for the indulgement of myself.

Luke 16:14 What is highly valued among men is detestable in God's sight.

Luke 16:19 - Jesus is speaking to the religious people who are so blinded by their affluence - to the love of money - that they justify their affluence in the middle of their religious devotion! Jesus is speaking to ME!

God, help me not to respond as a Pharisee to sneer at Your Words or justify myself when I hear them. Help me to hear them truly, and to obey them quickly.

Some of my thoughts, notes from, and the inward struggle I am reconciling with after listening to part of a David Platt sermon today.

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