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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

.God Works in Amazing, Mysterious Ways.

If I had taken the pen to write my story, it would never have looked like this. I would never have chosen to leave a ministry we felt secure in, and I certainly would never have chosen something as risky as adopting a child from Africa. Choosing a child that looked so different from our family and my other children, would never have been on my radar. I would not have chosen to be a pastor's wife, and I definitely would not write openly about my new role or our adoption. By nature I am a private person. I am a mouse. I like to hide in the shadows. I like to have very few close friends that I can still keep at a "safe" distance, and I do not like people knowing "my business".

You laugh.

I know. The story being written for me is so opposite of what I would have written. I can barely wrap my head around the fact that I will be boarding a plane for Africa shortly to kiss the sweet cheeks of a little boy, who doesn't know my name, who doesn't look like me, but who is permanently lodged in my heart. But I would change not a word of this story - even the hard, scary parts - for they all have landed me at the feet of Jesus. All of this life change in the past year has not pointed me to a baby - it has pointed me to the face of God. This is so much better than anything I could ever write.

Only God.

God works in amazing, mysterious ways, and he uses ordinary people.

I want to share another story today, but it is not all mine to tell. So I will just tell it with light brushstrokes. For ten years, almost eleven, Jim and I (and many others I am sure) have been praying that God would allow Jim's brother-in-law, Roy, to accept Jesus as His Savior. Roy is married to Jim's oldest sister, Jill. They have a beautiful relationship, and are exceptionally close. Even before I was married into the family I loved Jill. She is much like Jim - fun. They know how to make every situation fun. Jill is not my sister-in-law, she is the big sister that I did not grow up with.

I love her, and I love her husband, and oh how we prayed. We shared the gospel with Roy a few times, but mostly we just tried to live out our faith in front of him - authentically. I am sure we failed at times, and I am sure we were hypocritical at others. But God didn't need us anyway. A few months back now, we received a phone call that we had prayed for and hoped for - after finding a church to attend as a family, Roy received Jesus as His Savior! And let me tell you that his life is changed as well as his family. I have never before been able to see a transformation like this in an adult whom we love so . It's amazing to visibilly see God at work. There is much more to this story, but it is not mine.

Then we received another phone call. God has been very busy in our family! God placed a desire on Roy and Jill's heart to add to their family. Can you guess what direction He pointed them to??? Yes, Ethiopia!! Again, this is only a story that God could write! Roy and Jill have been accepted into AWAA's Ethiopia program and are requesting twin infants! The likelyhood of actually receiving a referral for twins is slim, but we serve an amazing God who excells in unlikely circumstances. So our sweet Jamesy is going to have, possibly two, Ethiopian cousins!

I am not sure what God has in store next, but I know new chapters are coming and instead of being fearful I am excited! Roy and Jill are in the early stages of this adoption. I pray they find the love, support, and encouragement that we have found through the blog world. Please check them out here and follow their story to Ethiopia!

Only our amazing God could write stories like this.
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