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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Unsettled. I woke up unsettled, and I just could not calm myself. I prayed and read God's Word and tried to engage with my children. However, I was constantly drawn back to my computer by some strange invisible magnetic force. I obsessively checked our Ethiopia yahoo group and facebook to see if any friends received court dates.


My phone rang three times this morning, causing my heart to race & my palms to sweat as I raced toward the phone only to discover the caller id was not American World.

Then at exactly 10:30 my phone rang for the fourth time. Again my heart raced, my palms were instantly sweaty, and I looked at the id. American World.

Be still my heart.

We were granted a court date for January 24, 2011! We will miss Jamesy's first birthday, and while that is painful, we are overjoyed that we have a date. We are praying that the court would grant us favor to be the legal parents of Jamesy. We are also praying that God will provide (and I KNOW He will) the remainder of the money we need to travel. Plane tickets have unfortunately gone up in price from when we looked at them for October/early November. I am at peace with the finances, and just give the situation over to God. He has gotten us this far - almost $25,000 in 7 months. It feels like a miracle for me to even type that. There is no doubting God's love for His orphan and His ability to do beyond what I could ever imagine!

We will look at plane tickets tonight and plot out our time away.....

Mommy's coming Jamesy!! God willing, you will only be an orphan for 62 more days! Then you will legally, officially, and for eternity be my son. Although truthfully, my precious boy, in my heart, you have been my son for almost 3 months now. I don't need any court to tell me that.

I love you, my sweet, sweet Jameson.

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