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Monday, August 9, 2010

.Two for a Moment.

How can it be that today I woke up having a two year old? 365 days times TWO. Everyday is a blessing as I learn and grow into the mommy God wants me to be for you, for Sissy, and for baby brother. You make it a joy, Prescott.

You continue to light up our home with your dimpled smile and toothy grin. My heart melts time and time again, each an every day, with a new sentence you say, a new antic you learn, or the way you still tuck your sweet head into my neck and suck away at your thumb. It's home for you.

And for me.

You're not a baby anymore, though. And this past year was filled with just as many lasts as it was with firsts. The last time that you crawled as your only means of locomotion. The first timid steps that you {finally} took. The last time you laid your sweet head in your crib. The first time you slept in your twin bed. The last time you needed such a big mommy hug after your falls. The first time you stood up, dusted yourself off and gave me a brave smile. The last time you ate a meal in your highchair. The first time you sat in a booster chair right at the table. Oh, what bittersweetness mingles with those lasts and firsts.

You're growing.

You're changing.

And our relationship is growing and changing.

Daddy has become your hero, and while my heart strings react a bit, it delights me to see you want to imitate him, to be with him, to need him a little more now. And your daddy has stepped into this phase with such ease. It is as if he has waited his whole life for this - for a little boy to shadow him. I feel blessed to watch this - to watch your Daddy shadow his Daddy in heaven and you in turn shadow Him as well.

But Scotty, no matter what changes, no matter how much you need your daddy these upcoming years, know this, your mommy loves you with an unending love. I may be on the sidelines sometimes, but I am your biggest cheerleader. And that spot on my neck where you lay your head? The one we both call home when you are in it? That's yours. Forever. And so am I.

Love, Mommy

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Mandi said...

Oh man... def cried after this one. Cannot believe how time flies and how each day truly is so precious! Happy bday Scotty!

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