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Saturday, August 14, 2010

.The Only "Thing".

There are days when I come up empty. Not a thing to share. Today my thoughts are swirling, and I am having trouble deciphering what to share. I am afraid that if I let myself I will ramble on and on and on. And no one wants that - especially on a Saturday!

So keeping it short and sweet (or trying to) ....

I have been ruminating on this thought lately

The only "thing" we can take to heaven is people.

And I am wondering what would it look like if we as Christians actually lived like this??

What would our homes look like? Our vehicles? Our day-to-day life? What would our families look like? What of seeming importance would fade in light of this truth?

Trying to figure this out in my life. I want to live with eternity in mind because in the past I have not.

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Linda said...

I know what ya mean...and I feel the same way. Our pastor always says..."The ministry IS people!"

I have been praying that the Lord will bring people across my path who I can be a blessing to...and share Jesus with.

In the end...that's what matters.

jkseevers said...

we are praying for you, as you pray for us in this amazing journey! God is indeed faithful, and I know that He's going to continue to provide for both your family and mine as we pursue this amazing journey of reaching out to the "least of these"

jkseevers said...

ok, it's late... and just as an fyi, I said "amazing journey" 2x's. opps. ;)lol you know what I meant...

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