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Monday, August 2, 2010

.Oh, What a Week.

I am still here. Although, I did toss around the idea of deleting my blog this past week. My husband promptly righted me regarding this. He told me to think of all of the memories I had written out for my children, and how it would be so sad to lose all of them, etc., etc. How this blog was a ministry, and how it wasn't over yet.

He's right.

I just had a lot going on last week (and sometimes I let myself feel a lot of pressure from this blog)....

my sister had her baby

I was photographing VBS

Scotty came down with a high fever

Cadi came down with a high fever

Small group training

Preparing our home for our home inspection....and my heart

40th birthday party for our pastor

maternity photo shoot

I think I am forgetting something. It was a busy week. However, I was able to stay remarkably calm and was not too stressed. So much so that Jim even remarked on it. This adoption process is changing me in so many ways. I need to write about it soon.

I felt so bad for my sick children this week. Neither of them have ever had antibiotic (they haven't needed it thankfully). I try to use natural remedies when I can. This week I tried something new.

(I have been concentrating really hard on aperture and lighting lately. Still so much to learn.)

I used organic, raw garlic, and cut it up.


I then stirred it into raw honey.

Scotty would have nothing to do with it, but Cadi took a spoonful every hour she was awake, and it really seemed to help. Garlic honey is supposed to work really well on coughs and is said to eliminate a cough within 24 hours if taken every waking hour. It is also supposed to be effective for clearing up ear infections, sore throats, preventing malaria, as well as stopping colds or flus if used at the onset of sniffles. Pretty powerful stuff. Our pantry will now be stocked with this.

In between the crazy we also sneaked in a bit of family time and the rare treat of bagels!


(He likes his cream cheese!)

Besides my God, His Word, and my hubby, the thing that kept me sane this week was this....


My beloved coffee! And if you are wondering yes, we are still selling coffee as a fundraiser. You can go here.

Also in the midst of crazy we were able to set up our baby's crib this week! The rest of the room is not set up, but the crib is. It makes me so happy to walk by it. Remember how I was whining over wanting a crib set for the new babe? Well, a friend from church gave me this adorable and perfect bumper and mobile! Now I am figuring out how to make a quilt or something to match! So exciting! This makes it all seem so much more real.


Jim and I heard that it would be wise to sleep with a blanket from now until we go to meet our baby, so that we can give it to him and he can learn our smell. So this is the blanket we are using.


The first outfit (and only so far!) that we purchased for our boy rests in the crib waiting....

We continue to wait with expectant hearts as well.

Oh, our home inspection!

Were you wondering about that?? {grin}

It went so smoothly! Again, I can not say enough about how wonderful our social worker is. Basically she just walked through our home - in every room. It was so not threatening or invasive, like I perceived it might be. She complemented me over and over on my decorating, and was just completely sweet and sincere. Cadi loved her interview, and I guess it went well! She certainly talked a lot from what I could tell. Jim's interview went well, too. We were able to schedule our final two meetings for this month!! We will have one on the 14th and one on the 17th. One of those meetings will be my individual interview. Things keep moving. Please continue to pray that God would provide the finances. That is the biggest hurdle that we continue to face at this time. We know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God desires to bring this child into our family. I just need to rest in His timing....which is hard.

You will notice that Momentous Monday is not here this week. I think I need a break. I just need to re-prioritize some things, and am working through that right now. I apologize. If someone else feels like hosting Momentous Monday on their blog for a bit, please email me at amomentcherished(at)gmail(dot)com. Speaking of email - I am swamped. Please forgive me if I have not returned an email to you. I need grace in this area right now.

I am praying that this is a calmer week. I really need to finish up our home school room and lesson plans, and I hope this week to do that. I also need to get moving on a small family party for Scotty next week, as he turns two a week from today! {gasp}

Thank you dear friends, for your love, support and encouragement. It means so very much. Thanks for being patient with me as well, as I sort a few things out.

....and now back to our family day! A trip to the library is imminent! {wink}
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Unknown said...

Aww, are doing such a good job juggling everything. I too feel a little overwhelmed with my blog at times. Sometimes I feel like I have so much to write about or share, and then other days...well, life "gets in the way" or I just feel like I'm on empty. This past week was kind of the same for me.

The days I don't feel like doing it, I don't. I spend the time that needs to be spent with the Lord and my family. We all know how much you're going through right now, and we'll be here when you have the time : ) I feel like as long as my blog is a positive thing that has God's blessing/anointing on, I'll do it. And if that ever changes, I'll just stop (like you had mentioned).

I'm so happy to hear how well everything is going with the adoption. Also, so sorry to hear that the kids were under the weather! I hope and pray that they're starting to feel a lot better. That little sweetie Cadi of yours...such a big girl taking her garlic honey every hour! I'm impressed, I must say : )

Well, sweet friend, I hope this is a much better week for you. We understand if you don't get to post for a while, it's okay! Don't allow the blog to make you feel overwhelmed. You're doing a WONDERFUL job...remember that.

Lots of love!

Lara said...

I've had a sense that I will probably blog less and less as we work on the dossier. Our home inspection is in three weeks. I can't believe you already have a crib set up, you're waaaaay ahead of the game!

Sara said...

I continue to be excited for you and your family. My husband and I pray for all our friends that are in the middle of the adopting process at least 3x every week :)

Thank you for sharing your journey with us :)

Carrie said...

I know what you mean about feeling pressured to blog (though I seem to have gotten over it lately...) :) I'm so glad you didn't delete it!!!

Anyway, I'm so excited that you have the crib set up - so fun! Glad your home study went well - praying for you guys! Thanks for sharing so much with us! :)

I don't know about you, but I never used the quilts that came with my crib sets, since you're not supposed to put a blanket in with a little baby anyway, so maybe the blanket you have for him will be enough! Just a suggestion. :)

BARBIE said...

I am thankful you are still here. Please don't feel pressured to blog when you just aren't feeling it. I know I will be waiting here when you do. You have so much going on in your life, and it's important to set your priorities. Your family comes first!

That crib bumper and mobile is too cute, and that outfit, adorable!

Have a wonderful, relaxing, restful week!

Aunt Kathy said...

Tiff, Hang in there. I do so enjoy your blog. It does get hectic, especially when the kids get sick. I seem to be overwhelmed quite easily at times like these also. ~AK~

Tia said...

I've been reading through Ecclesiastes this week.....what a blessing it was to read about how God has made a time for every activity under the sun....even blogging. We too have been incredibly busy. We are moving and my whole house (well both really) are in shambles which raises my stress level!!! Plus homeschooling, getting the slings out and boxes packed and family cared for....ahhhhh! But when you need to take a break, DO IT! I've seen another thing other bloggers have done is look in their archives and post something from a few years ago (if you feel the need to post something) chances are you have tons of new readers that haven't read what your posting!
We are praying for your family and your waiting baby everynight!

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