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Thursday, August 12, 2010

.Keeping Busy.

I am coming up for air for just a bit.

I have been busy....

kicking this viral infection that my body has to the curb.

trying to find a ducks' foot for a lesson I have planned.

getting everything settled for school.

snuggling my crazy kiddos.

preparing for Scotty's birthday party on Monday (it was postponed from this Monday due to me being sick).

revamping our daily schedule for the fall.

working the ins and outs of a new chore system for my children for the fall.

waiting to hear if our 3rd home study meeting will indeed be this Saturday.

talking through my hubby's sermon notes for this Sunday on the principle of leaving and cleaving in marriage.

cutting, coloring, glueing, and all the other fun stuff that comes with getting things organized for school.

Oh, and of course the normal -cooking, cleaning, laundry, mommying, and being a help to my hubby.

Phew, it's been busy.

I am looking forward to doing a detailed home school post soon. We start August 30th, and if you cannot tell....

I am excited!!

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BARBIE said...

You've been busy! I do not have the privileged of homeschooling, but love to gleam from the home school bloggers that I read!

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