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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

.Enjoying Summer.

We've been staying busy-tieing loose ends together so that we can send in our paperwork and check to initiate our home study. I think it really is going to happen this week!!

We enjoyed our family day yesterday. We switched the children's rooms around. We gave Cadi my old bed from when I was a child (now we can use her room as a guest room if we ever need to), and Scotty now has Cadi's twin. {gasp} He is really not a baby anymore.

It works well for our family to switch our children from a crib to a bed earlier rather than later. I know this does not work for every family, and please do not think I am advocating that everyone should do things my way. I really do not ever mean to come across that way. We do the bed thing early, but the potty training thing we do much later than others. We are all just trying to do what is best for our children and family, right? {grin}

We moved Cadi into a twin bed shortly before she turned two. So with Scotty heading rapidly towards his second birthday {gasp}. It was time. I will admit Mommy was not ready, and shed a lot of tears. However, Scotty has now taken two naps and slept at night in his new bed and acts as if it is nothing new. He was sitting up in bed waiting for Mommy this morning. Our only concern is our stairway out in the hall with Scotty, so like Cadi, we put a gate across his doorway when he is in bed. I still use the baby monitor on him, so I can hear him if he gets up. But honestly my children are excellent sleepers, and I can probably count on one hand the times they have woken in the night since they were infants. It just doesn't happen here. I know, I know, I am in for it with my third! {grin} I have already been told that numerous times.

So this is Scotty's big boy room. All of the decor - down to the sheets were given to us by a friend. We feel so blessed, and I adore how his room looks.




Scotty is so proud of his new bed. We taught him how to say "army", and he walks around yelling "army, army". So cute.

And this is Cadi's room with her "new" bed. We rearranged her room a bit, and I think it looks bigger than before. It is a struggle to know the best set up for their tiny rooms. We have future (really, really future) renovation plans for the upstairs that will give the boys a big room to share with a closet, and will expand Cadi's room to include a closet.


(Scotty was helping me out here and wearing Daddy's hat!)

Cadi's bed set and canopy were given to her by the same friend that gave us Scotty's decor.

Yesterday we also went to a farmer's market and once again stocked up on produce. I cannot get over how much cheaper it is to buy this way rather than the grocery store. I adore it when my kitchen is stocked with fresh fruits and veggies. That is what I always crave, and my children are the same way. We are working on altering Jim's cravings in the evenings from ice cream to fruit. Ha! Poor guy.

For lunch today I threw together the yummiest avocado salad. It's not really a recipe, but here is what I did.


I cut up a cucumber, sliced red onions, minced a fresh garlic clove, and diced avocados. I mixed the cucumber, onions and garlic together sprinkled on a little sea salt and some pepper. I then added the avocados carefully and stirred in some dill weed and a vinaigrette. If I wasn't crunched for time I would have added tomatoes and peppers, too. I also think feta sprinkled on top would be amazing. And if my herb garden was ready I would have picked fresh dill to use instead of dill weed. Oh wait a minute - that would mean I had to have planted an herb garden! Whoops!

Then my husband got the great idea to take this avocado salad and use it as a filling on a whole wheat wrap. mmmm. Yes it was as yummy as it looks! I think I may add some chickpeas to the wrap next time - smashed a bit.


Jim has a softball game tonight that we hope to attend if the rain holds off. I am contemplaing making some pesto tonight with the fresh basil I purchased yesterday. Besides that we are enjoying summer and each other! How about you?

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Jaime G. said...

girl, don't even worry about switching him to a bed "earlier." we switch my son at 15 months... a few days with a mattress on the floor and then on the bed. no bed rails eaither. he only fell out once. and we just now took down the baby gate (he's 3 1/2 now)... but, in our defense, we were afraid he would walk around in the middle of the night and fall down the stairs to the basement.

Heather said...

Their rooms are sooo cute! What a blessing that you were given the bedding and some decor!
That recipe looks so good, too! :)

Bethany said...

I love the bedrooms!! Scotty's room looks so different with a big boy bed! I can't believe he is almost 2, where has the time gone? I love Cadi's bigger bed as well! She will have to have some sleep overs with her new bed :-) I may be able to find someone she might enjoy having a sleepover with ;-) ( I hope that didn't sound creepy...) Love you guys!

Jenilee said...

the bedrooms look great! :) my baby sleeps in my bed from when I was a girl! :) makes for fun memories... praying your paperwork comes together soon!

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