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Monday, April 12, 2010

.Momentous Monday.


I am so excited to kick this off today, and cannot wait to read your post after you link up! Momentous Monday was born out of my desire to cherish the everyday moments and to be intentional about them. If you would like to read more details please click here.

Two weeks ago I was sick in bed with the stomach flu. My husband took over the care of the children, and did a wonderful job. One of the days he read Cadi the story of Pinocchio. This was Cadi's first time hearing the story of the little wooden doll that dreamed of becoming a real boy. As we all know, a famous part in the story is Pinocchio's nose growing whenever he told a lie. My husband and I really try to instill biblical character traits into our children - especially Cadi right now, as she is old enough to understand. So this little story was a perfect teachable moment for honesty.

Fast forward a bit.

I was upstairs straightening some things in our bedroom. I had just laid Scotty down for a morning nap, and Cadi was supposed to be straightening her bedroom. Scotty's monitor was quiet for a few moments, and then I heard little voices. Cadi had sneaked into Scotty's bedroom and was chatting with her little brother. Shortly after she walked into my bedroom.

"Cadi, were you just in Scotty's bedroom?" I asked

"No, Mommy" Cadi quickly answered.

Then she suddenly put her hand over her nose and exclaimed "Oh no, is my nose growing?!"

Oh, I laughed so hard, and I tucked this precious memory into my heart. Please do not thinking that I condone lying, or think that her action of lying was funny. It was not and is not, and we did have a nice chat about that. But her reaction to being caught in a lie did tickle me.

These are the moments.

I cannot wait to read yours.


Amy said...

Thanks for the suggestion to think back on special moments from the week. I hope now to keep my eyes open for those extra special moments this coming week.
Thanks for stopping by my blog too for the reminder. That was helpful!

Linda said...

Hi I loved your post this morning. I think Momentous Monday will be fun.

I linked up too, but I did something wrong. It will say it can't find my post, but then there is a place to click for the blog homepage, so I guess people will find it. (:>)

I hope you will have a good day, and a great week ahead, filled with Momentous Moments!

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Elizabeth said...

Okay, seriously... AWWWWWWWW!! That is the sweetest thing ever! I don't condone lying either but I love that my 5yo is so terrible at it. I'm afraid to tell him HOW I know he's lying because he might just get better at it.

Caroline said...

What a beautiful post and I also joined in. What a great way to remember those little things that sometimes mean so much. Have a great day !!!

Sugarplum Creations Blog said...

Tiffany, I just love this idea. In an effort to be more intentional, this is perfect! It's so important to look for all those special everyday moments, otherwise they pass ya right by!

Love the Pinocchio story! So sweet!

Heather said...

That is so cute that she checker her nose! :-)
I have a feeling that story will be retold a few times when she is older. ;-)

Mandi said...

I got to it!

Nutty Mom said...

Aw I guess I was too late. The linky list is closed. I'll try to get on it better for next week. I'll leave you my link here.

Dea said...

Thank you for the comment on my blog!! I shoot with a Nikon D60 ;)

Your blog is so adorable! I love it! And this story is so cute as well!

Unknown said...

aww...i'm a late start and didn't get to link up. oh well. next week:)
loved your post. love the honest moms heart. it's so encouraging to know I am not the only one who has blunders. I love your blog!!!

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