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Thursday, December 10, 2009

.Mommy's Christmas Elf.

I hacked Mommy's blog today. She's okay with that. Mommy is pretty busy with Christmas stuff anyway. The other day Mommy was reading some of her favorite blogs, and this post caught her eye. Check out the little eclectic heart breaker.

Mommy thought he looked so cool. Sometimes she gets bored with dressing me. She can put pretties in Sissy's hair, and bright leggings and fluffy skirts on her, but not so much on me. {Thank goodness!} But this post inspired her to be more creative with my outfit today.


I worked it. The hat is a little silly. Mommy almost put my knit newsboy cap from Gap on, but at the last minute grabbed this. I look like Mommy's Christmas elf. I guess that is okay, because Mommy almost kissed my cheeks off when she saw the ensemble. I squealed with delight. I like Mommy's kisses.


I'm not sure what Daddy will say, but he will probably be cool with it. Daddy likes to look good, too. I bet he will enjoy throwing Mommy's Christmas elf in the air when he gets home.


I really like it when Mommy takes photos of me. I am getting pretty good at giving her what she wants. I like to make her laugh while she is taking pictures. She always seems to have that camera around, but I hear her whine to Daddy about updating to a Nikon D90! I guess she wants to remember me as her little Christmas Elf, and I think the Nikon she has now did just that!


This is a weird angle for me, but Mommy says it is cute to have a double chin when you are sixteen months old. She says it is not so cute having a double chin when you are thirty. I'll remember that.


Mommy started getting carried away snapping all kinds of pictures. She does that sometimes. I think she forgot that originally she put me in my crib for a nap. So, I pulled off my hat to end the shoot. Someone had to be the responsible one!

Now it's time for me to find my blankie and my thumb. Being Mommy's Christmas Elf is hard work! Thanks for reading Mommy's blog! She talks to Daddy about how encouraging you all are, and she enjoys her creative little outlet during the day.

♥,Scotty - Mommy's Christmas Elf &


Anonymous said...

You hit the nail on the head!! Great job! So glad I could help inspire you:) Hope you have fun dressing him from here on out!

(Yup, I still do read all my comments! Thanks for directing me over here!)

Carrie said...

Too cute! :) I love the hat - it's so fun! :) I also love those four little teeth (and a comment from MckMama would make me giddy, too!). :)

Theresa said...

Not only do I love this post (and Scotty Elf!), but I am truly thrilled for you ;o)

Heather said...

Cute blog!! I love the pictures, too. His outfit is so cool! :-) My little boy will be turning one on Saturday. Sometimes it is hard finding different stuff to dress boys in. Boy clothes can get old pretty fast, but you made up a cute outfit.

Melissa Vines said...

That is quite a hat! So cute! I love the winter blog makeover too.

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