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Monday, December 21, 2009

.In a Better Mood.

(For some reason my page is taking forever to load. In order to hear my Christmas music while reading my blog, you have to scroll down to the bottom and allow my music player to load. Harrumph.)

I decided not to blog until I was in a better mood! Here I am. My in-laws surprised us with a beautiful artificial tree as our Christmas gift. My mom-in-law was so very sweet. She told me that she picked a tree that looked the most countryish - complete with little pine cones! I thought that was so nice of her to consider my decorating style and not just purchase any artificial tree. It actually does lend itself very nicely to my prim decor. I think the slenderness of the tree makes it the most prim looking tree I have ever had. So it's official - we have an artificial tree - and I like it! And Scotty's allergies are soooo much better - between getting rid of the live tree after 24 hours and starting him on Zyrtec - well he is just a different boy!! My tripod is still MIA, which is very, very strange. All of my photography "Stuff" is stored in one location, but I cannot find that tripod anywhere. I wonder if I left it at the last shoot. I had to take a photo of our tree to share with you, after all of my complaining about a tree, but it was not taken with a tripod, and is not a great photo. You'll get the idea, though.

Not only was I shaky taking this photo, but I also must have been at a weird angle, because our tree really is straight regardless of how it appears in the photo!


I cannot believe that it is Christmas week already! I failed miserably at not getting stressed this December and truly enjoying the days leading up to the Christmas celebration. But it is not too late to redeem this week, right?! I have much to do, but I {think} I can do it in a calm, stress-free manner. I will not be doing school with Cadi this week, so we will have our mornings open. Today's to-do list looks like this:


It helps organize my thoughts and plans when it is in writing - especially my handwriting, as opposed to typed. I have always done better writing things out. In college, I hand wrote all of my papers before typing them. There is just something about pen and paper that is so precious to me. I would struggle to live without it and without my journals. It's hard for me to think without a pen in my hand, and nearly impossible for me to articulate what I may be thinking unless paper is there to capture the thoughts. A weird idiosyncrasy, I suppose.

What does your day/week look like? How do you organize your moments, or do you just let them come? Are you purposing to remain focused on the reason for our Christmas celebration? How?

Well, I had better get off the computer and get to work. It's time to find my sweet girl and our Christmas aprons. I may be back before Christmas, and I may not. I am not going to stress over it. May you have a blessed Christmas week, remembering the Baby who was born to rescue us!!


KalynBrooke said...

I have a thing about pen and paper too. I much prefer them over computers and always need to write down my thoughts before I ever attempt to type them. :)

brandy said...

I LOVE your new tree!! I think it is even captured beautifully!!
I am much like you when it comes to writing things down! I am such a list maker everything to daily schedule/what I have to get done/shopping list/and my list makeing goes on and on. It's just a habbit I suppose! Praying you have a very Merry Christmas! I also love how at the end of your list you have prayer! Cherish! WOw.. I love that!

Carrie said...

I love your to-do list, especially the reminders to cherish & include Cadi!

Unknown said...

Merry Christmas!!!!


Anonymous said...

And indefinitely it is not far :)

Sugarplum Creations Blog said...

Your tree is beautiful! I hope you had a very special Christmas. I know exactly what you mean about a pen and paper. Don't know what I'd do without them!

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