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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

.The Tree That Was.

Is no more.
Yup it's gone.
After less than twenty four hours Scotty developed a severe allergic reaction to the beautiful tree I gushed over last night.
I held my little guy against my chest in the childrens' bathroom as we let it fill with hot steam. I gave him a nebulizer treatment and watched him struggle to catch a breath, listened to him cough and then gag as he gasped for air. I listened to his breathing, ragged and labored, wiped his nose, kissed his hot forehead, and realized a silly Christmas tree was not worth this.
So severe were his allergies and my reaction to them that we stripped the tree of our decorations and lights and short lived memories and flung it outside as quickly as possible.
I have swept, scoured, cleaned as much of the reminder of that tree away as I can.
I am a little sad, a little blue. I didn't even get one good photo.
It's artificial from here on out, but not until next year.
We are done with trees this year.


Heather said...

I'm so sorry that Scotty had a bad allergic reaction to the tree. :( I'll be praying for you guys. I know the tree is just "tradition" but it is still special and something to look forward to each year. I hope you all will have a wonderful Christmas and that on Christmas morning you will be so excited for your little ones to open presents, and so joyous about celebrating the birth of our Lord, that you won't even notice the tree is missing.

Sarah said...

Oh that makes me sad for you. How scary that must have been. Could you buy a live tree that can be planted outdoors (i.e. never brought indoors) and decorate it each year? Then each year you could also buy a metal stake with the year of the tree? Start a new tradition and make it your own! :)

Stacy's Snippets said...

Oh no, don't Bah Humbug yet!! Christmas joy can be found from more than just silly trees! I bet you have other cute decorations up that you can ooh and ahhh over! Give Scotty a raspberry on the belly, make him giggle, and that pesky old tree will be forgotten about pronto!

Sara said...

I'm sorry about the fun. Ellie doesn't have allergies that we know of yet but growing up we always had a real tree and going from real tree to an artificial tree was really hard for me. Sometimes it still is.

The good news is if you are waiting to get an artificial tree you can probably get a really nice one on sale after Christmas.

Carrie said...

Awwww...I'm so sorry!!! :(

Taking Heart said...

I broke out in hives while starting to decorate our tree this year... so the kids finished it... it looks very "kid" like and I love it.

I love your snow... looks so much prettier at your place! Yay!

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