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Friday, August 14, 2009

.Longing for Home.

With only a week to go in our camping season, I am really longing for home. I want my privacy, my santity, my "normal" family, my bed, my kitchen, my food, etc., etc. I can really feel every bit of the four months that we have resided in two teeny, tiny cramped rooms. I've had about all I can take. I am emotional, I am exhausted, I am way over having to discipline and train up my children in front of oodles of people day in and day out. I am beyond ready to have Jim's help with bedtime, bathtime, play time, discipline, etc. (Not that he does not help at all during the summer, but this is how I feel at the moment.)I'm just plain tired, but I know that His grace has not changed. His grace is still sufficient, even for this, and I tentatively pick myself up from moping like my three year old, perverbally pop my thumb in my mouth and cling to the security blanket of His grace. I can't do this one more day, except for His mercy and grace.

And onto something a little more upbeat. Here are a few shots that I pulled to show you of my Cadi swimming. She is a little fish, and has picked up on the basics of swimming really well this summer.
She even learned to dive this summer!



PS If someone could teach me how to size photos for blogger, that would be great!



Carrie said...

I am SO with you on the 'ready to be done' things - we don't even have to move out of our house, but, yes, I am SO ready to be back to just our family & our privacy - and to have my hubby home, too!!! I'll be praying for you as you hang in there for another week!!!

Jenna said...

I feel your pain. We just came off of a crazy hectic week. Mark pretty much lived at church and my kids were sick. I feel like I am always under scrutiny for my children's behavior and how I deal with it. I will pray that you have the capacity to finish strong!

The Ashworth family said...

Thanks again for your transparency and honesty - I'm praying for you in this last week of camp for strength and encouragement. Love you, my friend.

Anonymous said...

i appreciate your HONESTY!! i understand you wanting/ needing your own space ~ i think we all feel that as women... glad for you you're in the final days there and soon will have that back. :)

cute little fish you've got there~


ps. sent you a message on xanga!

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