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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

.Leaving On A Jet Plane...errrr... In A Mini Van for 30 Hours With 3 Children.

But who's worried? I am not worried!

We are taking our Spring break in Florida with my parents and my sister and her family, and I cannot wait! My parents graciously have opened up one of their beautiful Time Shares for us to stay in for a week with my sister, and my parents will stay in another unit. We are looking so forward to relaxing together as a family. This has been a hard, long winter (albeit very, very green winter for us). I am so thankful that Jim has paid vacation at church and that homeschooling allows us the flexibility to Spring Break whenever we choose to have it.



Jamesy's hair is ready for some fun-in-the-sun! There is something about his hair styled in cornrows that makes me constantly smother his sweet chocolate cheeks in kisses!

Despite my excitement, I am also battling guilt. This will be our first real vacation (we did go to Kentucky for a wedding last summer and squeezed in a day at Creation Museum) since coming home from Ethiopia, and in a lot of ways it feels so wrong to spend money on a vacation after seeing and knowing how so many other people live. I struggle with this just like I struggle with almost every single purchase now-a-days, but at the same time I know that we need to break away from the crazy-pace we have been keeping for months on end. I know the family time will be so good and rejuvenating. I think it is a good thing for me to wrestle with this though, and I hope it makes me more appreciative, more thankful for every single undeserving moment of my trip. And that is enough about that.

(I have hideous toes, I am ALWAYS stubbing them. Jim is constantly laughing at me.) My at-home pedicure for Cadi and myself is done.

Our bags are packed. We are trying to save some money by driving. We are doing three days of ten hours in our minivan. We typically have three very good little travelers, and we are accustomed to traveling. After all, at just six weeks old, Cadi took her very first road trip to Michigan for a camp conference that Jim and I attended. That was a 13 plus hour trip, and she did great. She even began sleeping through the night while in Michigan! Scotty's first road trip was also to a camp conference in Indiana at just 2 months old. And of course Jamesy flew overseas on a 20 plus hour plane ride last year. So they are not novices to travel, but I always get a little antsy wondering how long and far we can push them. I am prepared though - thanks to Pinterest! I found so many great travel ideas, games, and activities. I typically love road trips. I love the opportunity to talk to Jim without other distractions. We tend to have a lot of great conversation when we travel, and I am really anticipating that.


The state cards for the states we will drive through are ready to hang up in our van.


Some of the activities for Scotty's travel bag. So many great ideas on Pinterest!

So we are off tomorrow morning at 4 AM. I do not anticipate blogging while we are away, although we are making a few pit stops for a night at some very special friends' home, one family whom we met on our second trip to Ethiopia when we picked up Jamesy. We love this family. Their son, who I wrote a little bit about here, impacted my life in a huge way, and right now even just typing this, my throat is forming a big burning lump. I just may have to blog about seeing him again, and getting he and Jamesy back together after over a year - they were in the same baby room in Ethiopia. But beside that being a possibility, I do not plan on blogging. I plan on soaking up the sun and my family and returning home the first of May.

See you on the other side sweet friends! (You can follow A Moment Cherished {the blog} on facebook as I may update there with a few posts and photos.)


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