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Thursday, January 5, 2012

.Blog Redesign.

You may notice that things look a bit different here! My blog underwent an extreme makeover, and I hope it is now a little bit easier for everyone to navigate, a little bit simpler, a little less cluttered, and a whole lot prettier! You will see new tabs on my navigation bar, a simpler way to read our adoption journey (by clicking on the sidebar photo), a new blog button, and a few other smaller changes. I absolutely must introduce you to an amazing artist, Franchesca - owner of Small Bird Studios. Fran worked tirelessly on my design, and she is just as amazing as I heard that she would be! Honestly, she has the patience of a saint. Fran went above and beyond in doing what I asked of her (including three headers, before I finally settled on one!). She is beyond gracious, accommodating, super responsive to emails, and just absolutely lovely to work with.

I am so thrilled with the design that she created for me. It is exactly what I asked for and more - it's like she got inside of my head for this project! If you look around her design blog, you will see that Fran's prices are beyond reasonable. She charges too little; she really does. Currently her que is full, but she will be opening up to new clients in February. If you have been considering a blog redesign (or even purchasing some premades for your blog), I would hands down recommend Fran to you. She works with both blogger and word press, and she is extremely knowledgeable in design work. Fran also donates a portion of her sales to various charities each month. I am so grateful for her. Take some time and get to know Fran over at her blog. You can also "like" her facebook page. She and her husband have a suffered a horrendous loss with the death of their daughter, and yet she walks in grace and is a wonderful example of how God works even our pain for His glory. Fran is an amazing blessing to so many people. Thank you, Fran!!


Kylee said...

Oh, I forgot to tell you...your blog loads much faster for me now!

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