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Sunday, December 11, 2011

.We Need Your Prayers.

I never expected to wake up and encounter what happened today. Our sweet little Cadi is very sick. She had a virus around Thanksgiving time that I had mentioned (Scotty had it too). Cadi has never completely recovered. She continued to have very swollen glands around her neck - visible even. She has been very tired and quiet and just plain off. The past two weeks she has been waking up with bad nose bleeds, and this Tuesday she developed an unexplainable large bruise on her arm. It was all beginning to concern us a bit, but we kind of wrote everything off - she was tired because we have been busy and she was still run down from the virus, the bloody noses are from the dry heat in our home, and maybe the bruise was from playing too rough with her brothers. This afternoon we came home from church. Cadi was dancing around our kitchen with her arms raised, and I heard Jim gasp. I turned to see a very large, very black bruise on Cadi's side. Cadi could not remember getting the bruise, and it did not hurt to touch. Jim and I became scared.

We ended up in the ER for several hours this afternoon. Cadi had a CBC done, and her platelet count was extremely low. It is a 9. You can google what the normal platelet level is. This is crazy low, but the good news is that her white blood count and red blood count are normal. Her liver level is elevated as well. A test for mono did come back as likely positive, and the doctor's are suspicious that she may have Epstein Barr - although mono and Epstein Barr are very rare in children. We go to a Hematologist tomorrow for a full blood work up and a diagnosis. There is talk of beginning her on some steroids to get the platelets back up and possibly admitting her to the hospital. We are praying that it is as simple as mono or Epstein Barr, but she will have some scary things ruled out tomorrow. Things I am not even willing to type out here. I cannot go there now.

But no matter what, my God is in this, my God is the same. He loves Cadi more than I do, and He promises to walk this with us. We are confident in His goodness and faithfulness. My head knows all of this to be true.

But a tiny part of my human Mommy heart is scared to death. Please, please take a moment and pray. We need your prayers.


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