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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

.My Own.


Yup. They are all my own.

All 3 of them are equally my own.

How do you adoptive Daddies and Mommies deal with that one? It has been coming up in every day conversation with people more and more lately. Cadi and Scotty are referred to as our own {cringe}, but Jamesy is not. Or even more generalized, a person will refer to someone else's birth children as "their own", but their child(ren) through adoption is not included in those statements. It does not hurt my feelings, but I am so, so scared for Jamesy to hear this when he is even a little bit older. He understands so much already. What do you do??

Grow thicker skin and expect my children to do so as well? Is it just a matter of ignorance and naivety? And the cure for that is education, right? But how?

Because they are definitely all my own, and I want the world to know that. {grin}



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