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Friday, October 21, 2011

.But Why?

Lately I have been asked a few similar questions.

Why do you blog?

Why do you take the time to put your thoughts and your family out on the internet?

Couldn't you make better use of your time?

The questions startled me, and made me ponder and pray and reevaluate, and yet again I came back to the same thoughts that I had written out a year ago under the tab on the right marked About my blog. It is good to constantly assess and to reevaluate, and I feel content and at peace with what I had written. When my purpose changes or God moves in a different direction, than I will follow. For now, here I stay, confident that this is His plan. Here is what I wrote:

A Moment Cherished started out as my little space filled with memories of my life right now - while my children are little. I wanted to remember their childhood. I wanted to remember the joys, the blessings, and even some of the trials of being a young mommy. I still want to remember that. However, God has morphed my blog into more than just that. My blog is also my story - well God's story of how He took a scared, shy girl on the adventure of a life time and how he taught me to release my control. Right now this story is resulting in bringing home a son from Ethiopia, and from there God has yet to reveal to us.

I am so glad that you stopped by. Pull up a chair, kick of your shoes, and share a cup of coffee with me. The “me” you will find is my husband's Sweetheart, my childrens' Mommy, and daughter of the King. I spend my days loving and teaching my children. I love to create by decorating my home, cooking and baking, photographing the loves of my life, or finger painting a masterpiece with my children. I steal moments with books and Ethiopian coffee. I'm knee deep in church ministry with my husband who is an associate Pastor in our church. We are passionate about missions and advocating for orphans. I am just your average house wife living an average life, but I am blessed.

My blog has always been about capturing the moments - seizing them and cherishing them – that verse, James 4:14, is the heartbeat of my blog and hopefully my life. I wanted a place to take time to see the blessings in my life, and preserve the fleeting time of childhood for my children. I want to leave a legacy for my children. I hope that some day they can look back on my blog and see how much their mommy cherished them and their sunny days of childhood.

I try not to write for an audience, or at least a human audience - my writing is always directed to an audience of One. My blog is the overflow of my heart. It’s not a business to me, it’s not a competition in readership, or a performance for my writing – it’s a bearing of my soul. I want to keep it that way. I don’t follow a schedule or someone else’s rules. I write when I am inspired to write, and I write what God lays on my heart. I try to be very attentive to His desires for my blog – for my writing. I never want to lose focus of why I write. Ultimately I write for the glory of God.

God has lain it upon my heart that He is using my blog as a ministry. During this season of my life, I feel burdened to be a full time, stay-at-home, homeschooling, mommy and homemaking wife. From this position, there are very few ministries that I feel I can give my heart to at this time, so this blog is my ministry for now. I have received countless emails and comments from women telling me that I have encouraged them in their roles as a mommy, or a homemaker, or a wife, or that their families have been convicted to respond to the the demands to care for the orphan, the poor, the widow, or the needy because of something they read here. I don't get how God can use a mousey housewife with a penchant for written words, but He does. I marvel that anyone would read my words, and that they can truly make a difference. And in and of myself they cannot, but when coupled with the power of God - well anything is possible, dear friends.I want to be careful and clear to say that it’s not about me – it’s about the One who created me. I pray that is evident to everyone who reads my blog. I don't want this blog to be about me or my family or my passions. I want it to ultimately be a reflection of the gospel and of Jesus Christ.

I pray that if you landed here you feel welcomed, comfortable in who God created you to be, and encouraged.I'd love to hear from you. Please feel free to email me at anytime at amomentcherished(at)gmail(dot)com.



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