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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

.Uh huh.

I've read a lot of descriptions for introverts over the years, but this one caught my eye because it was so accurate though concise. Along with being introverted, I am analytical, so I have always loved researching and studying personalities. One time my dear friend, Joanna, who also happens to be introverted, explained us as arttroverts. I love it. I found this on Pinterest {swoon}.


This just made me smile. I am still learning how to not make my introversion an excuse not to have real authentic relationships. It's the 's' on that that really trips me up, but God is good and gracious. Jim and I have talked about this extensively (as he is the exact opposite), and Jo and I have talked as well. Where Jim feels energized after being with and around people; I feel depleted. I re-energize in solitude - with my pen or keyboard and my thoughts and quiet. It is only then that I am really able to enjoy people for a bit again. Jim on the other hand re-energizes with people around - and the more the merrier, and then he is able to withstand solitude again. Makes for some interesting dynamics in our marriage, but I would never change it. He pushes me where I need to be pushed.

This other little nugget I found this weekend, and I feel like wearing it as a sign around my neck! It is so, so true.


Without a pen in my hand I am dull and uninteresting, and not able to think. Put a pen in my hand or keys under my fingers, and I come to life. What a unique Creator we have.

Continuing on with our week of school. I am thinking about doing a 2-3 week recap now. I think the every week re-cap would be kind of boring even for me to look back on in the future. Things are going well. I am learning to teach with a needy toddler attached to my hip, and to not react when our schoolwork is done and Scotty has completely rearranged our house! {grin}

Praying for strength, grace, and patience this morning. I was up all night with my youngest. Going to the Children's Hospital really set him back. It seems we are almost at square one again with night time stuff. He could use prayer as we battle through the fear and try to find healing once again.

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