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Thursday, December 16, 2010

.Jamesy, Did You Know.

Jamesy, my dear, sweet, brown eyed and second born son, did you know? Did you know that half way around the world we were celebrating you and your life and the life of your precious Ethiopian Momma today? Did you know that while you lived a normal day your family was throwing a party in your honor?

Jamesy, did you know that many of our closest friends and family members were celebrating you too? I was so fearful that this day may slip by unnoticed. A day that is so important to our family, but I had nothing to fear. You are loved by so many. I think God has blessed you with a gift, because to know you is to love you.

Messages and birthday wishes flooded my facebook wall today. Emails and phone calls took up part of my day as people celebrated you! I soaked every one of them up, wanting so much for you to feel what was being said. Jamesy, people already love you, before they have met you. That is an absolutely amazing gift for your mommy. I need others to love you, and anticipate you, and I needed others to celebrate you today.

And you my dear boy were celebrated!

Jamesy, did you know that the story of you would knit the hearts of two women, who barely knew one another last year, together so tightly that we have physically felt each others pain? Did you know that she would know that today, today, I was grieving all that I had missed of you in this first year of your life, and feeling so sad and lonely without you physically here to celebrate?Did you know that she knew that I needed her to celebrate you? She celebrated you in the most beautiful, amazing way as she showed up on my doorstep with a wrapped gift. Inside was a gorgeous crocheted blanket, crocheted by her hand as she prayed for you, Jamesy. I hope you feel those prayers every time you wrap up in the gift of her blanket and it's softness caresses your sweet, brown cheek.

Did you know that your aunt and uncle and cousins in Florida celebrated you tonight? Aunt Ducky prepared the same meal as Mommy - doro wat and injera, and we all celebrated, together, but apart. They celebrated with cupcakes for dessert and lovingly placed one in the freezer for you. They celebrated with smiles and giggles despite their hearts aching for their own Ethiopian babies.

Jamesy, today you brought so many people together in unique ways to celebrate the gift of you. I pray that you will have the ability to bring people together for your whole life. You are special. You are more loved than you could possibly know. You are wanted. We have a room for you. We are waiting and preparing and anticipating YOU.

Jamesy, did you know that you have a mommy on the other side of the world weeping for you? I miss you and ache for you in an incomprehensible way. As much as we celebrated today I know that next year we will have the biggest and best bash to celebrate you.


You're invited Jamesy. Did you know that you are the guest of honor?

My arms are waiting. Happy first birthday, Jamesy, my beautiful brown eyed boy. I love you to the moon and back.


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