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Thursday, June 10, 2010

.Hospitality is {not} a Dirty Word.

As a newly wed, desperately trying to acclimate myself to the mysterious – in my mind - roles of homemaker and wife, I would shudder at the mere mention of hospitality. For my introverted and mostly private personality the thought of opening my home to others was not appealing. It has taken me several years feeling my way through these roles to learn what hospitality is not.

Hospitality is not showing off a perfectly kept home. . . .

To find out what else hospitality is not, and to learn what it is join me today (for my first time ever!!) over at Raising homemakers.
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Courtney (Women Living Well) said...

Great post!!! I'm so excited to be serving along side of you over at Raising Homemakers!!! You are a blessing!
Much Love,

Theresa said...

Oh Tiff, we are so very alike... it's a little scary at times ;) God has been teaching me these things too AND I have been SO blessed by your hospitality. You are an amazing example to me!
I especially loved your line of "Lay the measuring stick of perfectionism aside, and open your doors wide." I can just imagine sticking that ruler in the waaaay back of the vacuum closet!

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