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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

.Forget the American Dream.

I had another post scheduled for today, but then I watched this youtube video this morning. God laid it on my heart that I have to share this instead.

God keeps bringing this message to our family in various ways. It is part of what made us soft towards adoption. This way of living for Jesus Christ - living radically is scary and hard. But I think it is right.

What would happen if, we as Christians, actually lived radically?

What would our churches look like?

I think God is trying to do something radical in my family right now.

I keeping thinking God may have more in store for us besides adoption.

What do you think?

(I have not listened to this series yet, but I plan to very soon. Here is a link for the whole radical series.)
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Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Hey Tiffany,

Jason and I have just been talking about this very type thing. These times call for living's what we need to make a difference in our society!

Thanks for sharing! Have a great day!

Rachel said...

Chills. Literally.

This was so powerful and even more true.


Christy said...

I have been feeling the same, especially with B's cancer healing this year. We'll see what God does! Keep hearing about this book and can't wait to read it. I supposedly have a free one coming from a Waterbrook Press promo. Not sure if you have read or watched Francis Chan, but he's about to leave his church. Last night we watched his sermon from a couple weeks ago, entitled "The Purpose of Your Life." So good, and so humbling. All of his sermons are on his church page if you search for it.

Heather said...

Wow, that is very true.
Also, very hard to think about. I know I myself have been very selfish in my own life and wanting better and better but not giving up like I should for Christ.
Hmmm....a lot to think about.

Melissa said...

I watched it and found it to be very interesting and thought provoking. However, one of his last statements just didn't sit right...."Plan A is the church." Maybe I'm misinterpreting what he's saying at the end, but I feel that Plan A is His Son.... To put the responsibility for salvation of others on frail humanity is futile. We do not save, nor do we convict the heart of others for salvation. It is all God. He is always the one and only the one who gives the increase. Now, that doesn't lesson our responsibility to OBEY the command to go and spread the good news of Salvation. Well, that's my thinking on the subject anyway.

I do agree that the American Dream is a sinful pursuit. An I-centered and selfish ambition that does nothing but cause stress and conflict. I think many Christians are seeing this...are seeing the need to simplify, not just with things, but with finances as well. I know that I am embarrassed by all the stuff we have that we don't need, that we don't even use, but we've wasted money on it. It's rediculous really.

Rachel said...

I showed this to my husband. One of our favorite parts was when he called it living the Christian spin on the American dream.

We cannot serve too masters. It seems as if money is such a master that we blindly serve. I know in my life that we struggle to keep things rightly-ordered.

Thanks again for posting this.


amber said...

oh, Tiffany.. I CANNOT believe THIS was what you wanted to share w/ me the other day when you commented b/cause I had JUST watched it a few days earlier and it SO spoke to my heart and convicted me and inspired me!! I was going to put it up on my site when I got the time - :) and I just love love that God directed you to point me to it also! isn't He amazing that way!

YES. I feel that He's wanting to do something radical in our family as well.. and I'm willing {sorta} but then have that part {huge part} that wants normal and cushy and secure. oh, if I could just live with eternity in FOCUS!!

thanks so much for this & for your encouragement.

I enjoyed scrolling through all the posts I've missed... I really want to be able to get on your subscription list somehow - I saw you have a fan page on fb.. maybe that's how I can stay updated. are we friends on fb?? ha. :) I guess I'm not your last name... mine is Amber Cornett Hutchins. look me up so we can be officially friends. hee hee. ah, the day of modern technology! :/ :)

hope you're having a good day. Hooray for Fridays.

love, a.

Carrie said...

Wow, what an awesome reminder - I love it - it gave me a great start to my morning, and this is SO true!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

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