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Friday, May 7, 2010

.Please Pray.

Here is the blog button. Please post it on your sidebar (link it to Becca's site here) and pass Audrey's story around.


When I hopped on facebook this morning to read a message in my in box, I discovered that a friend of mine from college had delivered her sweet baby girl. While pregnant, my friend Becca and her husband found out that their baby, Audrey, had some severe complications. From what I understand doctors had found cysts on Audrey's brain, the doctors believed her to have Trisonomy 18, as well as some other medical problems, including some heart issues. Becca was not due until July, but she had sweet Audrey early Thursday morning. I know that when Becca posted last Audrey was on a ventilator, but she was stable. She had a lot of tests done yesterday and the family is waiting for the results.

Becca and her husband also have a sweet little three year old daughter. Can I ask you to please pray for this family? As a mommy my heart just breaks for Becca. She is a believer and is trusting God for the life of her Audrey, but I am also sure this is a very painful and scary time for her. I would love it if you, my sweet blog friends, would go to Becca's blog here and overflow her comment box letting her know that we are surrounding her family in our prayers. I also encourage you to click here and join the facebook page "Praying for Baby Audrey". Thank you dear friends, and if you feel led would you post about this on your blog? Let us spread Audrey's story and bathe this precious baby in prayers. The body of Christ is powerful.

Later today, if I get Becca's permission, I am going to design a button for my blog reminding us to pray. I will let you know when/if that is up, so you can grab it for your sidebar. I appreciate all of you lovely ladies. Thank you for helping me to rally around this dear family.



Kylee said...

Praying for this family and their precious baby girl. May God be sovereign in this situation and display His power to everyone involved.

Heather said...

I will be praying for her.
I'm going to go comment on their page now.
I will also be looking for your button later, if you can make one.

Sugarplum Creations Blog said...

Will definitely pray for your friend and her family, and that precious new little life.

BARBIE said...

I just left a note on Becca's blog. Thank you for bringing my awareness to this great opportunity to pray!

Christy said...

What was her maiden name? SHe looks familiar. I am definitely praying.

Anonymous said...

Praying for sweet Audrey!

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