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Friday, May 28, 2010

.My God is So BIG.

I am scheduling this post as I will be so busy on Friday, but I wish I could post it right now because I am so excited!

We just continue to see God's hand in this whole journey to Ethiopia to claim our baby. I have been overwhelmed by the paperwork sitting on our island that will help us with our paper chase. I tend to get overwhelmed pretty easily. I like routine, I like calmness, peace, I do NOT like stress or pressure. I have remained remarkably calm for this yard sale this weekend - due only to God. But that pile of papers has overwhelmed me.


But seriously, wouldn't this overwhelm most people? Or is it really just me??

We finally tackled the paper work one evening this week. I managed to organize it all into a binder - thanks to the suggestion of a smart friend. {grin} (And after I did that I noticed that suggestion on our AWAA yahoo message board!) However, through reading and organizing I learned that almost all of our paperwork for our dossier and homestudy has to be notarized. Eek. And that really overwhelmed me! What a pain to take our paper work to a notary over and over again. We even have to take the notary with us for our physical examination at the doctor's office!! And the cost of all the notarizing - oh my.

Well guess what? The secretary that works at the Christian school, that is a ministry of our church, is a notary, and she wants to notarize all of our paperwork - for free. And she works in the church building with Jim. We do not have to chase down a notary. She is there every day.

My God is so BIG! So strong and so mighty. There's NOTHING my God cannot do!

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La Dolce Vita said...

I am SO with you! We just mailed our Ethiopia dossier yesterday!! What did we get as a gift from our agency? 6 more documents to fill out, get notarized and send back with checks! Sigh. We are excited though!

So glad your overwhlemed feeling is subsiding. We have a file crate that we are using for both of our adoptions.

Melissa said...

That's awesome! God is awesome!

Theresa said...

Wow! And you were so worried ;)

Rachel said...

God is good!!

Dave and jody said...

Our God is an AWESOME God!! i absolutely love hearing stories like this; talk about encouraging!

Praying for you guys this weekend. Sure wish i lived in the area, i would love to get my hands on that country prim Christmas decor!

Christina said...

amen. What a wonderful blessing.

brandy said...

I AM SO excited for you guys!!!! Go is SO great and SO SO BIG!!!!!!! :-)
Can I have your email? I would like to email you? Thanks, Brandy!

Tiffany said...

Brandy~ I hope you see this! My email is

Carrie said...

That is amazing - It is SO neat to see God working in your family's lives! Thank you for sharing this all with us! :)

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